Sep 19, 2007

Internet Dating causing loss of intimacy

Many people wanting to avoid the pick up scenes are resorting to online internet sites to search for partnership. Some complain of falling in love with the profile of their intended and being disappointed with the live person. How do you avoid falling in love with a person who you have created in your head. Here are some tips for finding the person of your dreams and keeping yourself grounded in reality.

1. Create a vision of what you want to create in a relationship. Write down all the things you would love to find in your perfect partner.

2. Once you have found someone you think shows potential set up a public place to meet. Make sure that you set up this meeting shortly after you have made your contact to avoid falling in love in your head with someone who may not exist in person.

3. Once you have met your potential partner, then trust your gut. If you feel that they have not presented themselves as their true self move on. For many people it is much easier to have an intimate relationship via the internet than in person. A partnership requires the ability to communicate in person, negotiate differences, and create compromises to make love and intimacy last long term.

4. Once you have met look back over your list and vision, be realistic, and don't settle for something that doesn't fit. Many times you want intimacy so bad that you settle for something that you know is not a good long term relationship.