Jul 21, 2011

Retreat and Return to Love

Retreat from your fighting patterns and return to love. If you find yourself fighting more than making love; retreat from your old habits and advance toward love. Many couples start out deeply in love only to find their love buried in life and patterns that push love away.

When couples disagree, shut down and give each other the silent treatment, research has proven it creates health problems. Research studies also show that married women who keep silent during marital disputes have a greater chance of dying from heart disease and other conditions than women who speak their minds. The research, from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, showed that how couples fight affects not only their relationship but their health.

Further research studies in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry found that after marital spats, blisters generally healed more slowly, a sign that stress interfered with immune system functioning. In hostile couples — those who hurled insults or rolled their eyes when arguing — healing was 60 percent slower than in couples who didn't display antagonistic behaviors.

Love's Secret offers couples easy to apply tools to release emotions and stay connected to love. Couples who learn to express their emotions have a greater chance of long term success in their relationships. Use this tip to stay focused on love when you are discussing an issue that brings discord. Find a word that has meaning to both you and your mate. This word can be anything that will bring you both back to your love. It can be as simple as "LOVE" or "I choose love" or whatever will work for the two of you. When one person repeats the word agree to each take a deep breath and for a moment back away. When you take a breather focus on what is important to you. And most importantly remind yourself that you are committed to stay connected and release the emotions causing you to want to shut down.

Many times arguments are over little things and couples allow little things that don't matter to push love out of their life. Comment on my post and give me your ideas and secrets that help you stay connected to love.

Take a look at a testimonial from a couple who learned to return to love. When you are ready to stop pushing love away and say yes to love; retreat to Sedona.