Jul 8, 2008

Law of Attraction, Prosperity, Money, and Love

Law of Attraction success with prosperity, money and love; happen when you have an open heart ready to receive. Do you love giving, but afraid to receive? If so, it is possible, that your survival skills are sabotaging your success. Did you close your heart, telling yourself that it was necessary in order to survive? Closing your heart pushes prosperity, money, and love out of your life.

When I was young, I learned that it felt good to give; this is how I got attention, and recognition. As a younger sibling of nine older brothers and sisters, this is the only way I got any attention. I continued this pattern as an adult, and have always enjoyed service positions, and have continued to be a care giver. I enjoy this role, and it is in total alignment with my life purpose. However, it has been a challenge, to learn to feel safe to open my heart to receive. Here are the the tools that I have used to open my heart and the flow to receive.

1. Journal about your habits in your childhood. How did you get your attention? For some it was being "perfect". Doing good to get a pat on the back and recognition.This is fine as long as you don't give yourself away and loose yourself in the process.

2. Tune into your heart. How does your heart feel? What does your heart want? Your heart's natural state is to be equally open to give and receive. Notice what is blocking you from opening your heart. Usually it is a fear. Journal and ask God, Spirit, your Angel's to assist you to learn to open to receive. Throughout your day tell yourself that you are safe to open your heart to receive.

3. Join our Support group. Our July Law of Attraction Teleseminar Series starts tonight at 5 pm pacific time. Join our group synergy to heal your sabotage habits, open your heart, and master the law of attraction.