Jul 10, 2008

Law of Attraction for Life Mastery and Bussiness Success

Law of Attraction, bringing the success you want and deserve? Your thoughts are like the drop of water in the picture. They spread ripples out as energy vibrations, and draw back to you what you think about. Do you find your thoughts goind on auto-pilot most of the day? Do you have a clear vision for what you want? Can you still your mind and focus on what you want?

When I first started my journey, I had a very busy mind. My first tool to still my mind was yoga. At the time, I didn't know that yoga could help me still my mind, I was attracted to it for the toning and exercise. However, the more I practiced yoga, the more I found myself being transformed, from the inside out. Shortly after going through my first divorce after eighteen years, I spent a month in a yoga ashram. It is one of the best therapies for healing, that I have ever experienced. Here are a couple of tools that can transform your mind, and help you to create the inner peace you want.

Master your breath and master you life. In order to create a still and quiet mind, or Budha mind, start by following your breath. Sit quietly for fifteen minutes, listen to peaceful music, and follow your breath in and out. Start your breath in your lower abdomen. Expand your abdomen out like a balloon. Next expand your rib cage. Bring your breath all the way up to your clavicles, at the top of your chest. Notice where your breath gets stuck. If you find your breath getting stuck, soften your muscles and allow the area to expand.

Practice your deep breathing while sitting, and while laying in bed, just before falling asleep. Give yourself the suggestion that you are safe, and everything that you want and need is being drawn into your life. Visualize yourself with meaningful work, with loving supportive people around you. Notice your feelings. Feel gratitude, and positive expectancy, for what you want showing up in your life.

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