Nov 21, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, Yoga, Stress Management and Peace of Mind

Sedona is a beautiful place for Spiritual retreat and spiritual rejuvenation. With the state of our economy many more are feeling stressed. Today I am sharing another interview with Gurutej regarding stress management through yoga, meditation and breath awareness. One important tip that doesn require money is to spend time in nature watching a sunrise or sunset--read and practice the letting go ceremony below the interview.

Our retreat guests seem to lead very busy lives, how much time must be set aside to practice your DVD’s in order to benefit? An hour but you can keep yourself juicy during the day by using the energy flip charts so you do go days or weeks without the energy you need to stay connected to you and therefore everything else.

I blogged recently about an initiative passed by the Canadian Diabetes Association for health and wellness. It asks Canadians to get moving, eat well, and practice stress management. How do you feel that someone who has diabetes would benefit from your DVD? It will get them moving but moving intentionally. It will get them to integrate their energy. Diabetes is a grief-induced disease. Grief takes your power away. These will give it back to you. The Awakening intuition has a bonus section that gives women tips on how to eat for women, how to eat correctly on your cycle etc.

Meditation has recently become one of the top ten practices for stress management. What is the best tip you can give to someone wanting to begin meditation? No better time to start than now. Sit in a chair or on the floor or couch with your back relaxed but not slouched. Give yourself three minutes and start with a sound. Create Maaaaaaaaa or Hummmmmm. Just do it, breath into it and you will see. Start with 3-7 minutes and expand from there. Make it enjoyable so you will come back not excruciating.

Any other tips or secrets for stress management that you would like to pass on to my readers? 40 years rolled into 10 seconds. Go to and watch these 1-2 minute videos. They will give you a little slice of what you can have and learn about how to uplift your life. That is really what these DVD’s are about how to change and uplift your life so you have the energy and clarity you need to fulfill your destiny.

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Here is a special ceremony to practice as we end 2008 and prepare for 2009. Go into nature, and watch the sunset. Write down everything that you are ready to release. As the sun sets visualize, and feel gratitude for releasing the past. Release judgement of yourself and others, forgive yourself and others. Now hold your vision of the future that you want to see. Feel how good it feels to embrace this new future. In our Sedona retreats we have a special fire pit for our letting go ceremony.