Aug 5, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, Money Creation, and Law of Attraction

Spiritual retreat, is a great way to release old bliefs and conditioning, that block money creation. On yesterdays FOCUS call we discussed money creation with Fearless, Optimistic, Creation, 4 Unlimited, Success.

During our visuliaztion on our call, I had our guests give money a face and personality. If have time, you could close you eyes, and imagine that the energy of money just walked in your door. Are you glad to see MONEY? Is money your friend? Did you greet money and feel good about allowing the energy into your home. Notice your feelings. Imagine, that this money energy, begins to grow, and fills your bank account with a large supply. As you continue this scene, imagine sending this energy out to pay all your bills; the amount is immediately replenished with even more money. As you allow this video to play in your mind, how do you feel?

On our calls, experience our visulization/hypnotherapy session, and then move into our EFT session. EFT is a therapy using tapping to release emotions, and release old beliefs that block success in life, relationships, and business. Here is a testimonial for our call yesterday.

Holy Moley, Annie! I had no idea ... something I didn't know about you is that you are part magic genie! The Monday Morning FOCUS Call was incredibly empowering and I have to thank you! The imagery you chose really sang and your words were inspiring and just radiating with energy.

THANK YOU! I am feeling incredibly blessed and grateful right now. This was my first one ... I hope you do lots of them!


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