Jul 18, 2008

Law of Attraction Teleseminars for Success in Relationships

Law of Attraction can attract and create successful relationships through Social Media Network marketing. What Social Networks are you creating relationships on? Do you find yourself facing some of the same challenges online that you face in relationships off line? What emotions do you find coming up for you daily?

As a child, I learned to be a care taker, to get recognition and love. As a way of feeling in control, I developed the habit of being a giver. Through out my career in holistic health and healing over the last twenty five years, I have found that most people in the healing field are givers. Givers become so versed in the habit of giving, that they often give themselves away. Here is a ritual, to begin to change your habit of over giving.

Practice the habit of being open to recieve, for a week. When someone offers you a compliment take it. Allow friends and family, to bring you a cup of tea, and graciously accept. Welcome your mate, to shower you with attention by rubbing your feet or shoulders, sit quietly and accept. Learn to breathe and look within, and tell yourself that you are safe to allow yourself to be open and recieve. Notice the feelings that bubble up from within. If you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, it is okay, you will survive.

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Mondays are a great time to start your week with a positive healing ritual. Join our free Law of Attraction Master Mind Group teleseminars. Learn EFT (emotional freedom technique) to release your old beliefs and habits, that push love and success, out of your life. You will love our positive group, we will empower you with tools, and action to master the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction Teleseminars for Success In Life and Business

Law of Attraction applies to all areas of your life and business. How do you know, if you are achieving success in your application of the Law of Attraction? Notice the overall feelings that you experience throughout your day? Are you feeling successful in your life and relationships? Take our life mastery test, and determine exactly where you are in your life. Once you have an idea of your happiness and success feelings, then you have a starting point to create what you want.

I grew up never feeling very successful on a day to day basis. When this happens we seem to create those feeling over and over, until we realise that we have a choice to change our habits and conditioning. We have people visit our retreats, from all over the world, in search of new skills to release their past traumas. Their search is to achieve more inner peace and happiness.
What keeps you in your same old ruts?

Tip for today. Practice positive expectancy throughout your day. Expect your life to flow smoothly, and expect to meet people that will offer opportunities, for a new level of success and happiness for your life. Take five minutes in your morning, visualize your day flowing with synchronicity. Notice how good it feels to be in tune with the flow of life.

Join us on our weekly Law of Attraction Teleseminars , or join us for a life changing retreat. Escape your routine for a day, three days or a full week. Your body, mind, and spirit will rejoice with new inner peace and feelings of joy, and happiness. Sedona, Arizona was voted the most beautiful place to live or visit--find out why. Meanwhile, make our Law of Attraction Master Mind Teleseminars, your weekly ritual on Mondays, at 9 am Mountain Standard time. All of the LOA guru's recommend Master Mind groups, to move forward to success and happiness, and take action on your dreams. We empower you with tools to master success, happiness, and the Law of Attraction.