Jan 22, 2008

Who wrote this script--Choosing Love

In yesterday's blog entry, you read about a couple who were separated for sixty years. They had given up all hope of reuniting again. Through deep determination, they learned to release their deep hurt and pain and move on with their life. There are many great lessons to learn from their amazing love story.

First, if you close your heart you will deny yourself love. In order to give and receive love you must keep your heart open.

Second, a person who's heart is closed pushes opportunities for success in money and life away. In order to succeed in life and love you must learn to trust life, and love, and keep your heart open. Research suggests that our heart is our emotional brain read on.

Resent research suggests that the heart is our emotional brain. Molecular biologists have discovered that the heart is the body's most important endocrine gland. In response to our experience of the world, it produces and releases a major hormone, ANF -- which stands for Atriol Neuriatic Factor -- that profoundly effects every operation in the limbic structure, or what we refer to as the "emotional brain."

This includes the hippocampal area where memory and learning take place, and also the control centers for the entire hormonal system. And neurocardiologist have found that 60 to 65% of the cells of the heart are actually neural cells, not muscle cells as was previously believed. They are identical to the neural cells in the brain, operating through the same connecting links called ganglia, with the same axonal anddendritic connections that take place in the brain, as well as through the very same kinds of neurotransmitters found in the brain.

Quite literally, in other words, there is a "brain" in the heart, whose ganglia are linked to every major organ in the body, to the entire muscle spindle system that uniquely enables humans to express their emotions. About half of the heart's neural cells are involved in translating information sent to it from all over the body so that it can keep the body working as one harmonious whole.

And the other half make up a very large, unmediated neural connection with the emotional brain in our head and carry on a twenty-four-hour-a-day dialogue between the heart and the brain that we are not even aware of.

The heart and our emotions are important not only to our physical health but we also need an open heart to find true love and success. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and Love's Secret offers tools to open your heart to love. Were you aware that your emotional brain is in your heart??

This article was excerpted from

Nurturing Heart-Brain Development Starting With Infants

1999 Interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce

by Chris Mercogliano and Kim Debus

Journal of Family Life, Volume 5, No.1, 1999