May 4, 2009

Sedona Retreat offers Healing and Peace of Mind

Spring is the perfect time for introspection and spiritual renewal. If the economy has you down and you feel you can't spend the cash to get away to Sedona here are some tips to renew yourself without leaving home.

1. Purchase a journal or notebook. Spend time each day and determine what is working in your life and what you are ready to release.

2. Purchase a small green candle. Light your candle as you write in your journal. Set your intention to connect with your angels or guides (whichever fits your beliefs).

3. Shower each morning. As you allow the shower to cleanse your body. Set your intentions to release your stress from your body, mind, and spirit.

4. After your shower spend time practicing breathing and release your thoughts. As a thought floats in release it to your angels. Ask your Angels to assist you to quiet your mind and reach a deep meditative and peaceful place inside. Once you are in that very peaceful place visualize yourself happy and peaceful throughout your day.

5. EFT is a very powerful and simple way to release your stress and stuck emotions. Love's Secret is an award winning book that empowers you to apply EFT. Email me if you have questions regarding our Sedona Retreats, EFT or Sedona Readings.