Jul 16, 2008

Law of Attraction and Money Creation

Law of Attraction for the creation of money and financial opportunities, is a result of our relationship with money in our childhood. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee and was conditioned, that money was a result of hard work. Here are some other beliefs that are common in our society. If you hold these beliefs you will need to clean your closet and establish a new relationship with money in order to attract the financial abundance and wealth you want and deserve.

I have to work hard to get money

I always need more money

Easy come easy go

I can’t afford this

I don’t have the money for what I want right now

People who have money have done something bad, to get it

Money is evil money is bad, it corrupts people

Money will never make you happy anyway

Money isn’t worth having unless you have to work hard to get it

Money comes and goes

There has to be a lot of effort to get it

It’s noble to suffer to get money

If you struggle to get money it will stay longer

Money is always taken from me

It is better to give than to receive

I love giving more than receiving

Which of these beliefs restricts your flow with money? Do you fear having money and then losing it? Do you feel that other people have a good relationship with money, and that you will never have that relationship? Who portrays your relationship with money? Getting clear with your feelings around money allows you to heal your relationship with money.

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Law of Attraction and the Key to Business Success

Law of Attraction works with the natural laws of the universe, always attracting what you focus on. Our focus for today is overcoming the resistance to change. Working with the universal laws of the universe, means taking responsibility for being where you are. Most often this is not where you want to be. You hold the key, and you are the key hole with the light within, and you can create what you want. The trick is to put the key into the hole, and trust yourself to turn the key, and open the door to you inner guidance to success.

1. Change is inevitable and growth is optional. We are changing from the moment we are born. As we mature from infant to adult, we create ourselves through our conditioning from our environment and parents. Our parents brought their conditioning from their parents. The key to success in life and business, is to rise above this conditioning and choose our thoughts, habits, actions, and reactions to life.

2. Your old habits, and conditioning, are comfortable just like your shoes and clothes, because they are familiar. However, to grow to your unlimited potential, we must expand beyond this conditioning. No matter how uncomfortable you become, with your old habits and conditionings, it will bring up fear and resistance, as you grow and expand.

3. The most successful tools for growing beyond your story is acceptance and presence. Here is a tool for releasing resistance. Press pause when you feel resistance. Hold a feeling of acceptance. Take yourself immediately to your safe place in nature. Feel yourself taking your power back from your old story and old habits. Now see yourself in a scene, with loving, accepting, people around you. Hold a picture of yourself successful and experiencing joy, inner peace, and happiness. Each and every time you experience slipping into old habits, or resistance, follow this exercise, and feel your old habits and conditioning, being shed like an old skin that is no longer needed.

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