Dec 19, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love and Love's Secret

Spiritual connections are the basis for relationships in both Eat, Pray, Love and award winning book Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love. Throughout Love's Secret you will connect with heart warming stories that present aspects of your relationship and teach you new skills of resolution and communication with your mate. Each chapter empowers you with skills to leave drama and pain behind and create love, romance and passion.

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Dec 7, 2007

Love's Secret Wins Finalist Self-Help Relationship Book

Love’s Secret: Live Your Life In Love wins USA Book News Award
Sedona, Arizona, — announced the winners for its National “Best Books” 2007 Awards and Love’s Secret: Live Your Life In Love was awarded Finalist in the “Self-Help: Relationships” category. Annie B. Lawrence, Ph.D., author of Love’s Secret says this award validates the years of research and work creating her book. She feels the timing is perfect for what people living in today’s tumultuous times need to strengthen their relationships with themselves and their partners.
Love’s Secret offers seekers an action plan to create love, romance and passion and leave pain and drama in the past. Empty nesters find easy steps to recapture romance and passion, and all couples find answers to build a foundation based on love – not conditions. The pain and drama we have all become accustomed to, creates stress and can literally make you sick.
Many who have watched The Secret, and read the Power of Now, still feel stuck in patterns that create chaos. By reading Love’s Secret, connecting to a chapter or character and putting the information into practice, you are empowered to live your life in choice.Love’s Secret makes creating our reality a simple and achievable task. What the world needs now is love sweet love has never been truer. Our world at war and even closer to home, the shootings in our school system make love and peace a valuable commodity.
Love’s Secret offers tools that empower readers to find inner peace and live their life in love. Retreat and Heal’s programs and workshops put them into practice. People travel from around the world to visit Sedona for its peace and beauty, find the inner peace and love you deserve at Retreat and Heal in Sedona Arizona. Annie B. Lawrence, author, is a spiritual life coach and keynote speaker and is available at 928.282.5237
ISBN # 978-0-9793535-0-5
$22.95 212 pages

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