Oct 4, 2007

Dr. Phil gives Britney advice!

Will Britney wake up and take Dr Phil's advice or lose her children permently? According to recent research millions of children have parents who are addicted to drugs. Take your power back from old habits that cause drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction destroy marriages and cause extreem pain and trauma for children.

Why reach for drugs and alcohol to numb your emotions? Most would agree that they reach for drugs and alcohol to numb painful emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique is a proven tool to disolve old hurt and trauma and assist in taking your power back from addiction.

Love's Secret tip for the day to stay focused on love is to learn which emotions you are avoiding. You may learn that you are addicted to certain emotions and attract situations that recreate these emotions. Start an emotions journal to learn which emotions you recreate that keep you either angry, resentful, or frustrated. You will discover emotions that you recreate often, and then shut down with drugs and alcohol. Once you become familiar with how you are creating your emotional hell then you can contact someone professisonally to assist you to remove the emotional addiction that causes you to reach for your substance addiction. This can be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or relationships there are many different addicitons.

Retreats are a good way to take yourself out of your environment and spend time doing some inner reflection to find the root to your emotional pain and addiction. Post your questions or comments and I will respond with further tools and support.