Oct 8, 2007

Typhoon Korsa landed in China--16th typhoon to hit China this year

Creating peace in a world with environmental changes and disasters, economic and financial change and uncertainty--is a challenge. Love's Secret offers tools to create inner peace in the midst of the chaos. World peace starts with creating inner peace.

October 15 is national blogging to make a difference and this year it is focused on the environment. What can we all do to make a difference? The first step is take individual responsibility to create inner peace and take action to send that inner peace into your community, state, country and then to the planet. Take action steps each day to take your power back from packaged foods and buy locally. Purchase foods, herbs, and products that are produced as close to your home as possible. Eat at home and avoid take out and driving to eat out. Recycle your plastics, cans, and cardboard. This is a practice that takes some time and for many has not yet become a habit. Demand electric car alternatives and plug in technology for our cars. Our environment will not change until we stand up and take action and demand car makers to create cars that are more environmentally friendly. We can reduce the co2, if we all speak up, speak out and take action and only then will we be heard.

Take action to take your power back from chaos and habits that rob your inner peace. Once you have more inner peace you will have more energy to take action steps for the environment. Decide what you want in your life and commit 15 minutes each day to visualize our world at peace and then see yourself living your life at peace, in tune with the law of attraction. Once you know what your want and commit your energy to it you will create it.

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