May 3, 2008

Secrets for Planning a Spiritual Retreat

Webster's defines "retreat" as "a period of retirement or seclusion, especially one devoted to spiritual contemplation away from the pressures of ordinary life".

Our hectic lifestyles create more and more stress and offer less time for inner reflection. Resulting in more and more people feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted. Follow these secrets to create a life changing retreat to recapture inner peace and recharge your batteries.

What you will need:
A Journal
Clear your calendar
Leave your day planner, lap top, and cell phone at home
Spend time in advance contemplating what you want to accomplish
Research Retreat centers that have experience facilitating your focus
Decide the area you want to visit
Call the retreat center and connect to the staff
Determine time frame for travel and reserve your space
Reserve your airline tickets if needed
Focus to consider for your retreat
Relaxation and an escape from life's chaos
Rejuvenate your spiritual essence
Allow time for reflection
Gain clarity on an issue or life path
Find meaning in life beyond daily or material concerns
Heal from many different concerns, including divorce or relationship split, a loss of job, or death in the family
Heal stress-induced illness by learning proven tools to release stress
Contemplate and find inner clarity

Release your emotional blocks and apply the law of attraction to manifest your dream!

A retreat allows you time to look at your life in a new way. When you are out of your normal environment absent of normal life pressures you can look at your life with new eyes that are devoid of distraction and more connected to your inner wisdom. Retreats are not about connecting to a new religious dogma but rather finding a deeper connection to the divine within.

For more information on creating a special spiritual retreat contact click here, and sign up for our free newsletter. Annie B Lawrence has been a spiritual retreat facilitator for the last five years and has years of experience in teaching and facilitating spiritual awakening. Check our our Squidoo City Guide for more information on Sedona. Leave me a message and share your favorite Sedona site to visit.