Apr 24, 2009

Relationship Retreats to Renew Your Love

Love Relationship Advice to Deepen Your Love Connection.

1.Fighting over the same issues? Keep shutting down and stuffing your feelings? This habit results in an explosion of hurtful words and pushing each other away.

2. EFT or Emotional Freedom empowers you with tools to heal your past hurt and trauma and stop your recurring fighting patterns. Realize, that each of you are reacting from past hurt and trauma, and never from what is or has happened in the present moment. Until you heal the old stuck hurt and trauma, it will continue to be brought to the surface to be healed and released.

3. Agree on a word that can be used by both partners as a signal to stop the fight. Make an agreement to honor each other and your love by stopping the argument when the word is said by either partner. This word must have meaning for both of you. Words used by previous couples include: love, partnership, agreement, commitment, healing, what is important, the past, freedom, I choose love. You can also decide on a symbol of love and unity ie: a Dove, heart, a pink bubble of light. When you feel yourself stuck in reaction say the word and hold the symbol in your mind and breath.

4. If you become so triggered that you can't keep yourself from reacting; you are hitting a core survival issue. When this occurs you might need help to get unstuck. Find someone who has experience working with couples and EFT and give them a call to either work in person, or over the phone.

Our Sedona Retreats offer tools for healing your core issues with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. I also work with clients throughout the world by phone and have great results with couples issues, core issues, stop smoking and weight loss. Gift yourself lasting love, invest in a couples retreat and begin 2010 with renewed love a couples retreat is a gift of lasting love.

Apr 9, 2009

Relationship Advice--Plant a Love Garden

Relationship advice to keep your love garden flourishing. Follow my Love Byte or Love Secret to plant your love garden and harvest lasting love, romance, and passion.

Follow these love secrets to plant your Love Garden.

1. Love is like a garden and must be nurtured daily with love and kindness. Plant seeds of love by focusing on the things you love most about your mate.

2. Old habits and survival skills smother you ability to keep your heart open. Stop thoughts of fear, jealousy, and resentment by pressing pause. Take a deep breath and hold thoughts of love and acceptance instead.

3. Making choices that support love require constant presence and focus. Avoid the old habit of checking out and going on "auto-pilot", by practicing "being present". When you find yourself checking out--bring yourself back take a deep breath and check-in instead. As you practice presence it will become easier and easier to make a conscious choice to stay present.

4. You will reap rewards in your relationship equal or greater to the time commitment you give. Our couples retreats empower you with even more great tools to plan your love garden and keep your love, romance and passion alive.

Happy planting and happy harvesting in your love garden. To support your love garden and spring planting go here to get your copy of Loves Secret and free EFT Session. I hope that you enjoy my relationship advice and that you keep your love garden flourishing.

Apr 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning with a Spiritual Retreat in Sedona

Ready to do some spring cleaning? Sedona is the perfect place to spring clean your body, mind, and renew your spirit. Juyean came for our three day personal healing retreat and was more than pleased with her results.

Here are some tips for spring cleaning your mind and clearing habits that no longer serve your life.

1. Create a balance wheel and take a look at how balanced your life is. What needs to shift? You have to look at what you want to change then create habits that support the change you want to maintain.

2. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your inner voice and inner wisdom. Meditation can help you to clear your inner chaos and create a quiet mind. Our favorite meditation at Retreat and Heal is a walking meditation at the Tibetan Stupa. Meditation is easier if start with an active practice like yoga, tai chi, or even walking. Next sit, for at least fifteen minutes and concentrate on your breath.

3. Visualization is next on the list for creating what you want once you have cleared your mind. Tear pictures from a magazine and post them on your vision board. Put pictures that represent your dreams. Next create an action plan to create what you want. Spiritual Life Coaching is a wonderful way to create your action plan and put it into a manageable plan to make it reality.

We look forward to meeting you in Sedona and hope that you will allow us to assist you with your spring cleaning in Sedona.

Apr 3, 2009

Spring is alive in Sedona, Arizona..Schedule Your Retreat Now

Are you feeling the call to Sedona, Arizona? Worried that three days can't possibly accomplish what you want or need? Our recent guest Juyean had the same concern and yet she felt so relaxed and grateful--here is what she said.

Some of our past guests have had these questions regarding our Personal Healing Retreat.

Where do I stay? I have never traveled alone before and I am concerned about feeling safe.

Most of our retreat guest stay at Harmony House if you click the link you will be taken to a video. All of our guests love Harmony House and feel very comfortable and safe. Most say--if "feels" just like home, and love the comfortable beds, fire pit area, out door decks to star gaze, and the short hike to The Stupa.

Do I have to travel around Sedona to different locations for my sessions? No, All of our sessions are right at Harmony House. We feel that it is important to have you in one place so that you can really relax and unwind and take in the healing energy both we and Sedona offer. Take a look here for our healing spa services.