Dec 15, 2008

Spiritual Retreats, Meditation and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Retreats are a wonderful place to learn meditation and spiritual healing. Are you feeling overwhelmed with emotions and tasks to accomplish before the end of the year and for the holidays. Meditation is a wonderful way to release stress and bring yourself back to your center.

Today I want to talk about the butterfly and the medicine of the butterfly. The butterfly means transformation and trusting your spiritual transformation. At this time of year it is a good time to look at your accomplishments for the year and complete tasks. What are you ready to transform in your life? There is a lot of change happening all around us and it is important to trust yourself to change and unfold to your higher self. Take time to reflect and look at your life and what you want to keep and what you want to transform. At which phase of the butterfly are you? Are you the cocoon or ready to take flight and unfold your wings?

Many of us grew up not trusting life or ourselves to evolve in the most postive way. Do you expect positive outcomes or do you expect failure? Give yourself permission to evolve to a new level of yourself. Break through barriers that feel familiar but no longer serve you. Journal this week about your success for the year and your lessons that you are ready to release this year. On friday I will be sharing a process to release lessons and make your action plan for the new year.

Set aside time each day to breath and relax and release your stress. When looking at your holiday gift list give the gift of healing with our spiritual retreats.