Oct 20, 2008

Inner Peace in a World in Fear--Money Crisis and Financial Disaster

Spiritual retreat is a powerful answer to deal with our stressful economic disaster. The most horrible incident I can remember is the suicide of a former student who was behind on her mortgage. She lost hope in her ability to catch up on her bills and found it easier to end her life. There are thousands of homes in foreclosure and many are out of work. Follow these three tips to find strength and release your stress.

1. Stop the negative thoughts that there are no answers. Take a break in nature near a tree if possible. Sit and breathe and concentrate on a time in your life when you felt safe and cared for.

2. See yourself happy and beyond the current challenge that you are experiencing. There is always an answer and a way through any challenge. It may not be the answer that you prefer but once you release your attachment to the outcome an answer will come.

3. Treat yourself to simple pleasures that don't cost money. Create a spa in your home by gifting yourself with an aromatherapy bath. Turn on your favorite music, light candles, and run a hot bath with lavender, rosemary, and orange essential oils. Put three drops of each oil in a tablespoon of honey and disperse in the water. Turn off the phones and let go.

Visit our website for our free life mastery test. Once you know the areas of your life that are out of balance and in need of change you are ready to create the change needed.
Fall and Winter are wonderful times to visit us here in Sedona. We have the fall colors and our day temperature still range in the mid 80's. End 2008 with positive reflection and create an action plan for success in 2009, with a speacial Sedona Spiritual Retreat.