Dec 2, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, Holiday Cheer and Our Veterans

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place to experience the full moon. Thanks to Karen Ngo who sent us this picture taken during her retreat.

How is your Holiday Cheer going? Are you like millions of others around the country this year having trouble with feeling cheerful due to the state of the economy? Here is a video of EFT practitioners who gave of their time to assist Veterans who were experiencing PTSD. Sometimes when we help others it assists us to forget our own challenges and feel more gratitude for the blessings we have in our life. Check out this EFT video and pass it on to anyone you know experiencing PTSD.

Spiritual retreat, offers inner peace, solitude, and reconnection to spirit for the spiritual traveler. Why retreat? Here are the reasons that most of our retreat guest have shared.

Relaxation and an escape from life's chaos
Rejuvenate your spirit and connect to your inner peace

Allow time for reflection

Gain clarity on an issue or life path

Find meaning in life beyond daily or material concerns

Heal from many different concerns, including divorce or relationship split, a loss of job, or death in the family

Heal stress-induced illness by learning proven tools to release stress

Reconnect to the divine

Contemplate and find inner clarity

Release your emotional blocks and apply the law of attraction to manifest your dream!

Commit to your happiness

Align with your life path, and reserve your retreat today.

Are you seeking inner peace? Here is a tip to bring more inner peace today. Focus your energy on what you want to accomplish today. Gift yourself this reward, when you complete your goals. Create a retreat in the comfort of your own home and the privacy of your bathroom. Collect rose petals from your rose garden, and dump them into your bath. Collect a few blooms from your lavendar plant and dump that along with your rose petals. Play your favorite relaxing music, and light a candle. Ahhhhhhhh.......... retreat, meditation, relaxation, and inner peace is only moments away, and free.