Jul 27, 2008

Law of Attraction Teleseminar offering Receipes for Success

Law of Attraction Teleseminar and Master Mind group for mastering life and success. Last week we discussed our GAP method for activating your inner GPS. I hope that you have taken our life mastery test, and have determined your origination point, and know exactly where you are in life. This can be difficult however, if you don't know what makes you happy, and what you want in life.

If you were preparing for a journey tomorrow. You would be excited, and you would probably go on google, and do indepth research on preparing for your trip. Yet, the majority of our society, spend little time or money preparing for their journey in life. Most couples spend a lot of time preparing for their wedding, and their honey moon, and very little money, or time preparing for a happy journey for their life together.

The focus for today is to allow the sun to set on yesterday and your past. Avoid dragging emotional baggage that belongs to yesterday, and your childhood into your future. You would never drag out a computer that was programmed twenty, thirty, or forty years ago, and try to navagate the internet. You and everyone else would toss the computer, and the outdated software, and update it for uptimum proformance. Toss your history and your story from the past. It has served you well, and made you who you are, bless it and release it, and leave it in the past.

Attend our teleseminar Mondays at 9 am mountain standard time weekly, to learn tools for allowing the sun to set on your past. Learn a new receipe for success in your life, relationship, and welcome in work that feeds your soul. Join us tomorrow morning for our call, and take positive action to master the Law of Attraction.