Feb 23, 2011

Retreat to Spring Forward

Spring is a popular time to retreat in Sedona. Spring wildflowers are popping out daily. Have you written on our fan page wall yet? Just a few more days left in our current Loves Secret give away. Go here , click like, and write on our wall. Share what you love about yourself or your partner. Winner will be announced on Feb 28.

Just returned from the Sedona Film Festival and saw "I AM". Wonderful film about what is wrong with our world and what we can do to initiate change. One of the wonderful concepts of the film is that we can all initiate the change that we want to see by doing one thing each day. At the end of the movie Tom Shadyac shares that "Love" is the answer to heal our world. Love's Secret shares tools to keep us all connected to Love. Looking forward to having you share your "love" on our fan page wall.

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Sedona. Gift yourself a day, three days, or a full week to Retreat and Heal.