May 30, 2008

Are you interested in Web 2.0 Facebook, Squidoo, and Linked IN?

Curious about Facebook, want to learn about Linked In, MySpace, and Squidoo? Ready to join the other thousands of people on social networking sites? If you are ready to network with people around the country and yet you don't know where to start follow these tips.

First of all I find Facebook to be one of the easiest to use and navagate. I also find most of the people on Facebook to be friendly and eager to help. Digg is another social networking site where you can meet other bloggers to link to and great support for your blog. Myspace is easy to join but will require a little more time to figure out and begin to network. Linked In is another networking site and again requires more time to learn to network.

1. Sign up at Facebook and upload a picture to your profile. A picture is necessary to do the best networking and find friends who want to be a part of your friends circle.

2. Begin slowly and don't copy and paste to your message when you are sending out friend invitations. This is important you must type each invitation or you will be flagged and blocked from face book. Find a niche that you are interested in and find a group in that niche. For instance I have a Spiritual Partners Group and would love to have you join me.

3. Squidoo is a great way to promote your blog, and website. Meet other people who are also blogging and have websites to promote their business. Check my Sedona, Arizona lens to find all the sites to visit and see when you are planning your spiritual vacation. If you are in a relationship or want to create a healthy relationship follow these secrets. Find secrets for creating a Sedona Spiritual Retreat and Warner Springs Retreat with healing mineral waters.

Look forward to connecting with you on Facebook, MySpace, or Linked In. Which social networking site is your favorite. Leave me a message or click on the links above and connect.

May 26, 2008

Oprah and Dr Jill Bolte Taylor Offer Answers to Still the Mind

Have you heard Oprah's latest webcast with Dr Bolte Taylor? Do you have problems
getting your mind still? Here are some tips to create a Budha mind that is still.

1. Stay present through out your day, recognize & acknowledge your emotional warning signals. Practice conscious breathing throughout your day and check in with your body.

2. Use your breath to keep yourself present and stop what you are doing in that moment. Your breath can stop your automatic stress response and stop your automatic response to your addicted emotional cycle.

3. Breathe away negativity. Use your breathing as an anchoring tool to change your addicted emotions, and habits. You can choose to release the internal sensation of the experience of anxiety and overwhelm from your body. Your breathing facilitates the release of negative energy and keep you focused on love, success, and inner peace.

4. Take a break in nature. Nature can release stress and tension quickly and restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Visit us on our website to find day retreats, or week long retreats to release your stress and claim inner peace.

Are you in control of your brain and thoughts or is your brain and thoughts on auto-pilot? Share your secrets for being still.

May 12, 2008

Free Self Empowerment CD Giveaway and Blog Interview with Dyan Garris

Did you watch Oprah and Eckhart, and now looking for self empowerment tools? Do you believe in Angel's? Want a free Angel Card Reading? Or want to register for a free Angel Music CD? Please follow this interview with Dyan Garris about Self Empowement, Indigo Children, Crystal Children and how to support self empowerment. If you visit Dyan's website you can recieve a free Angel card reading. I went there and enjoyed my visit. Check back on Wednesday as I interview Dyan about spiritual awakening and self empowement. A free CD will be given away to random comments on the blog both days.

Annie: I am sure that you are aware, or watched Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s webcasts. What do you feel keeps people in jobs they don’t enjoy, and holds them back from aligning with their purpose?

Dyan: Actually, I may be one of the few people who didn’t watch. I am aware, however, that Oprah was promoting “A New Earth.” More than one person has told me that our books are good companions. When people do things they don’t enjoy, they are usually doing so out of some kind of fear or fear based belief system. Fear and belief systems that were taught to people, keep them from aligning with their true purpose.

Annie: Do you feel that self empowerment is a choice?

Dyan: Yes. Empowerment is a choice. There are no limitations unless you believe there are.

Annie: According to many spiritual sources, there are more spiritually awake children on the planet right now than ever before—would you agree?

Dyan: Yes, I agree.

Annie: I am sure that you have heard about Crystal children and Indigo children (Spiritually awake children). What is your belief about why there are so many on the earth right now?

Dyan: I believe they have come in at this time to help balance the energies. They have come to help people remember who they really are, and what they are really doing here. This can be accomplished through the love, that these children bring with them. They are coming in without “amnesia,” and they are less veiled than others, therefore providing an opportunity for those around them, to feel and remember the truth and the Love. We are moving toward ascension. These souls are here to help with that transition.

Annie: These children are having a hard time being in our schools systems, and dealing with the diet that most are on. What relationship does diet have, to all the ADD and ADHD drugs being given to our children?

Dyan: These children learn differently. They learn in an integrative manner, rather than a linear fashion. This is another reason they are here now. They are trying to teach about integrative learning. In our current system, this would probably be labeled as learning disabled, or attention deficit. Yes, I do believe this has a relationship. Our belief systems need to expand into a more multi-dimensional way of viewing things. There is nothing “wrong” with these children.

Comment on my blog today, and you will be entered in a drawing for one of Dyan's Angel Music CD. Her CD's are made to support our self empowerment and spiritual awakening. Please tell us how you enjoyed your visit to Dyan's website and your Angel Card reading. The drawing will be randomly picked from the comments made here.

May 7, 2008

Women Stand for Peace United in Love for Mother's Day

If you would like to honor the love you received from your mother stand with us in prayer on mother's day. Mother's love is the highest vibration on the planet. Let's stand together at 1 pm on mother's day and honor the earth mother, and all the mother's on the planet.

Oprah and Eckhart Tolle have ignited a fire for awakening the spiritual essence. Let's unite in love and spend at least fifteen minutes in silence holding a vision of a planet that is green, clean, and healthy. Our children and grand children deserve our focus, love and attention. Visualize our children and the generations to come being born in a world of peace, love and plenty. A world where they feel safe and provided for. Connect to this post and send to all the powerful women you know.

Facebook Group for Spiritual Partnership

Eckhart and Oprah ended their webinar this week. I have just started a new spiritual partnership group over on Facebook. If you are inspired and looking for support in aligning with your purpose come join our spiritual partnership group.

Whether you are looking to join a group on Facebook to network, or find spiritual
partnerships for join venturing,our group will support your needs. If you are standing at the edge of that jumping off point of what is and need support to jump off into what can be--join our group.

May 5, 2008

Hot Secrets to Say Yes to Love

Like a lot of couples you probably started your relationship with lots of passion and heated sex, but now find the romance dwindling, with sex taking a back seat to the TV. Today's hectic pace of life and auto-pilot living can take over, leaving romance and love in the dust. Take control of your love life by planning a romantic evening to bring love and passion back to your bedroom.

• If you idea of celebrating love is sitting on the couch with your couch potato. Turn the TV off and set the mood for romance. She may have lost her libido to the remote control. Follow these rituals to create a magical romantic evening.

• Pick up her favorite flowers and a mood candle. Make sure that you show up first before her. Put the flowers on the nightstand and light the mood candle.

• Put clean red sheets on the bed. Leave a love note on her pillow with rose petals under the sheet.

• Run a hot bath in the tub five minutes before she arrives. Add three drops each of lavender, ylang ylang, rose geranium, clary sage and marjoram to a teaspoon of honey and add this to her bath just before she enters. Put on her favorite music and quickly get in the shower.

• When she arrives take her directly to the bathroom and help her undress. Have her slip into the bath. Roll a towel and slip it under her head.

• Once she is ready to leave her heavenly bath. Have a nice bathrobe for her to slip into. Lay her on the bed in her bathrobe on top of the rose petals. Take a relaxing lotion like lavender and massage her feet.

She is now relaxed and in the mood. The rest is up to you. Take your time to focus on what you love about each other and make the most of the moment. It is up to you to create love or push love away with an over busy schedule and then collapsing in front of the tv.

Seize the moment and create the love you want. Click here for information on couples retreats to help you recapture love and romance. Leave me a message and let me know what is your favorite love ritual.

May 4, 2008

What I Love About Sedona and Why You Should Visit

• I love the Red Rocks in Sedona and you won't find anything more beautiful anywhere in the world. You won't have to hunt to find them they are everywhere you look.

• The reason I love the red rocks is they are a rare rock formation not found in many places on the earth. The red comes from the high iron content in the rock formations.

• I love the hiking trails located in all directions. People travel from around the world to hike these trails. A hike is a good way to get out among the rocks and soak in the views.

• The hiking trails are both easy and challenging and give you as much of a workout as you wish to set up for yourself. Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most beautiful and sought after trails-and one of my favorites.

• I love the sunrises and the sunsets. We have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world. When the time comes for sunset you find standing room only on Airport Mesa lookout point.

• Our sunsets are quoted as being the most breath taking and inspirational experiences in the world. Arizona's spectacular sunsets reach their pinnacle here. If you don't like the crowds at the airport lookout, try on the patio at Canyon Breeze restaurant. Another less-crowded alternative is the first turnout going up the hill on Schnebly Road.

• I love the vortex sites. Another natural wonder of the world. Because of the high iron content and the high crystalline content of the limestone white rocks the combination of rock formations form a natural magnetic vortex energy.

• The energy of the sites, are easy for me, as I have been a practicing energy healer for over twenty five years. Some people feel the energy and others consider it new age woo-woo. But most agree that they feel a special peace in Sedona that they have not experienced anywhere else. The beauty along with the peaceful feeling have a large percentage of the people who visit Sedona considering making it their home.

Take a look at this Squidoo city guide for Sedona, Arizona, for more travel tips.

Put Sedona on your wish board as your next spiritual vacation. Imagine surrounding yourself in the beauty of Sedona and returning to your life refreshed with your body, mind and spirit renewed.

Sign up for our free Secrets of the Sedona Vortex sites, by signing up for our free newsletter. We will email you a copy of Sedona Vortex Secrets and a guide to make the most of your Sedona vacation. Leave me a message and let me know what your favorite Sedona site is.

May 3, 2008

Secrets for Planning a Spiritual Retreat

Webster's defines "retreat" as "a period of retirement or seclusion, especially one devoted to spiritual contemplation away from the pressures of ordinary life".

Our hectic lifestyles create more and more stress and offer less time for inner reflection. Resulting in more and more people feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted. Follow these secrets to create a life changing retreat to recapture inner peace and recharge your batteries.

What you will need:
A Journal
Clear your calendar
Leave your day planner, lap top, and cell phone at home
Spend time in advance contemplating what you want to accomplish
Research Retreat centers that have experience facilitating your focus
Decide the area you want to visit
Call the retreat center and connect to the staff
Determine time frame for travel and reserve your space
Reserve your airline tickets if needed
Focus to consider for your retreat
Relaxation and an escape from life's chaos
Rejuvenate your spiritual essence
Allow time for reflection
Gain clarity on an issue or life path
Find meaning in life beyond daily or material concerns
Heal from many different concerns, including divorce or relationship split, a loss of job, or death in the family
Heal stress-induced illness by learning proven tools to release stress
Contemplate and find inner clarity

Release your emotional blocks and apply the law of attraction to manifest your dream!

A retreat allows you time to look at your life in a new way. When you are out of your normal environment absent of normal life pressures you can look at your life with new eyes that are devoid of distraction and more connected to your inner wisdom. Retreats are not about connecting to a new religious dogma but rather finding a deeper connection to the divine within.

For more information on creating a special spiritual retreat contact click here, and sign up for our free newsletter. Annie B Lawrence has been a spiritual retreat facilitator for the last five years and has years of experience in teaching and facilitating spiritual awakening. Check our our Squidoo City Guide for more information on Sedona. Leave me a message and share your favorite Sedona site to visit.

May 1, 2008

Spiritual Retreats offer Secrets to Manage Stress

Stress and tension become a normal feeling in your body. Imagine if Medical doctors prescribed a day every month to go on retreat, a long weekend every three months, and a longer sabbatical on a regular basis. These breaks would clear stress and recharge batteries, and diminish the intensity of our societies' high stress levels. Everyone has stress the key is learning effective tools to manage stress. Below find secrets to manage stress and recharge your body/mind/and spirit.

Say no to stress and overwhelm. When you are tired learn to walk away and take a break. This can be as little as 15 minutes, or as much a full week. When you are stressed you are not able to be productive. Take a break, when you return to the project refreshed you bring renewed energy, a refreshed mind, and more successful results.

Develop the habit of deep breathing. Shallow breathing is a habit learned as a child. Shallow breathing is responsible for many diseases and stress related illness. Post signs in your office, in your car, at home, and remind your self to breath deeply.

Develop the habit of a quiet peaceful mind. A peaceful mind has more ability to focus and release stress. Meditation is a good tool to create a more peaceful mind and up-lifting endorphins.

Smile and create the habit of happiness. Happiness is a choice. Most were not conditioned to be happy. It takes commitment, dedication, determination and an ability to embrace change in order to create a happy life.

Create a Plan and follow it. Create a plan for what you want in your life. Do one thing every day that supports your plan. Acknowledge your achievements’ and your accomplishments toward your plan.

Schedule Rewards with short breaks. Your breaks and time away need not be elaborate. They can be as small as scheduling in a long soak in your bath tub or a long weekend at a retreat center that you love. Schedule in short breaks and rewards often for your small and large accomplishments. Our Sedona retreats empower you to create a healthy, happy, and successful life .
Remember Retreat and Heal and Sedona when you are ready to schedule your break. We welcome you for a day, three days or a full week long retreat.