Jul 27, 2011

Relationship in Slump? Try a Love Byte!

Relationship in a slump? Ready to try a little tenderness? Not sure how to break the iceberg that has crept between you and your honey?

Try my love bytes for a starter.

When you think of your honey. Think good thoughts. Remember the best of who they are. Throw out all the "little" things that your mind focuses on that creates distance and pushes love away.

Come along for the journey with me. I will be posting love bytes and tips for you to say yes to love. It is always great to hear some good feed back. So leave me a comment if my love bytes make a difference for you. I will be randomly choosing a person who leaves a comment to gift a copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

And of course as always remember us when you need a break from your hectic life or if Sedona, Arizona calls you. We offer retreats that focus on you and your needs and fit your budget.