Jan 8, 2008

Write your Own Script!

Tired of the old story that has you locked in pain and drama? Then write a new script and put writing on your inner walls that supports love, passion and romance. Love's Secret award winner in self help relationship empowers you with tools to write a script to support your love relationship. Follow these tips to live your life in love with the love of your life.

1. Post notes on your mate's mirror and remind them how much you love them. Make a date for sometime later in the week and keep that date. Build expectation for the date and make it as hot as you wish!

2. Make a commitment to yourself and your mate to focus on love "thoughts" and let your stinking thinking go.

3. At an unexpected time text message or leave a message on your mate's phone reminding them of the up coming date. Play, keep fun, and magic alive in your reltionship.

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