Aug 22, 2008

Spiritual Retreat with EFT and Hot Springs Resort

Spiritual Retreat or wellness retreat in your plans? Our fall Life Mastery Retreat fits both spiritual and wellness needs. What is a spiritual retreat? A Spiritual Retreat allows time away from the chaos and overscheduled burdens of your life to reflect within, clear your mind clutter, and learn tools to clear away old beliefs and patterns. How do you choose a wellness or spiritual retreat to fit your needs?

Check the people who are the retreat facilitators and make sure that they have training and experience in the areas that you want to focus on. Take a look at our retreats, with our experience and training we are you complete healing destination. Join our Monday Power Hour Meditation to experience a taste of our retreats. Listen to our Moments of Stillness video and let us know how the eft and visulization works for you. Hope to see you in our fall hot springs resort retreat.

Aug 21, 2008

Spiritual Retreat in Your Own Home for Inner Peace

Spiritual retreat in the comfort of your home and connect to inner peace. Do you find yourself feeling tight and stressed throughout your day for no conscious reason. Is it possible that you learned to stay on alert as a child in order to survive? Now you have an inner reaction to stress to tighten up telling yourself that you are protecting yourself.

Ready to let that old habit go and learn to feel relaxed througout your day? Listen to our video and practice deep breathing and learn to relax throughout your day. Then if you want to learn even more tools to release your old habits and find inner peace take a look at our Warner Springs hot springs resort retreat. Sign up and recieve a free copy of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health. Warner Springs is a natural healing resort with healing mineral water pools with no added chemicals. It offers an olympic size swimming pool of healing mineral waters heated naturally with it's geothermal reactions deep within the earth. If you love yoga in nature, beautiful nature trails, soaking in healing mineral waters under the stars, then reserve your space now.

Aug 20, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, Law of Attraction and the Art of Being

Spiritual Retreat is a great place to find inner peace and create stillness in your mind. Do you find yourself caught up in choas and running every minute of the day? Is this busy-ness habit or choice? Are you in charge of your habits? Or are you habits running your life?

Hope to have you join our Power Hour Meditation to master The Law of Attraction and create more inner peace and success. If you are searching for answers and want to find more inner peace join our Fall Warner Springs Retreat.

Aug 18, 2008

EFT and Hypnotherapy to Reset Your Success Creation Point

Law of Attraction not bringing the success that you want? Have you achieved success but want to create more meaningful work and align with your purpose? Watch our video of our Monday's Focus Call and remove your blocks to success and reset your success creation to unlimited success in your life, health and work.

Our next call is Monday August 25th at 9 AM PST. Hope to have you on our call. If you love soaking in healing mineral waters, walking in beautiful nature trails, and sharing life changing experiences with like minded friends sign up for our Fall Life Mastery Retreat to align with your Life Purpose and master the Law of Attraction. Leave me a message and let know your results with our FOCUS call.

Aug 17, 2008

Spiritual Retreat and The Law of Attraction

Spiritual Retreat can be a great place to clear you money blocks. In this economy money worries can create stress, ill health, and even divorce. 80% of all marriages that end in divorce are created over money issues. Is it possible that we block our own flow of money and love?

Listen in tomorrow to our Monday Morning Focus call and find answers to master the Law of Attraction and create more inner peace and abundance.

Meanwhile take our challenge. Write yourself a check for enough money to pay all your bills with an extra $1000 left over. Sign the check from your angels. Sit and think about how it will feel to have this extra money in your account. Now feel gratitude for having the extra money in your account. Send me an email or leave me a comment and let me know how the extra money comes into your account.

Join us tomorrow at 9 am PST here is the link. If you are looking to create more inner peace, and release your blocks from the past join us at our Life Mastery Retreat in Warner Springs. If you like soaking in healing mineral waters, yoga in nature, beautiful nature hiking trails and life changing experiences book our spiritual retreat.

Aug 7, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, to Align with Your Life Purpose

Spiritual Retreat can be a great place to align with your life purpose. Do you feel that you were born with a purpose? Do you feel a constant inner drive moving you toward work that has more meaning?

Many of our retreat guests, come to Sedona in search of a deeper meaning for their life. Many have excelled in their chosen field and yet, feel a deep longing inside to be of service. This month we have experienced a solar eclipse, at the beginning of the month, 8-8-8 on friday for infinite creation, and a lunar eclipse coming up on Aug 16. For thousands of years, our grandmothers and grandfathers have respected an eclipse, as a time of great change. Are these eclipse's nudging you forward to align with your life purpose?

Here are action steps, to bring clarity on your purpose, and a deeper inner connection to your wisdom. Take time in the early morning to allow stillness and ask for clarity. In our hurry, worry, world it seems that bus-i-ness is the norm, rather than planing for our spiritual rituals.

Create a ritual for your stillness. Turn on music, light a candle, close your eyes. Visualize yourself in an environment with like minded people. Most of our retreat guests get stuck in the "how". It is not as important to find the "how" it is more important to spend time with visualizing, feeling, and trusting the "what". The "what" is the feelling of being of service and making a difference. During your morning ritual, spend time feeling yourself with people around you, and see yourself giving of your love and wisdom. Next, throughout your day practice positive expectancy. Your visuliaztions act as a magnet to bring what you place your thoughts emotions on.

Ready to Align With Your Life Purpose? Reserve your space in our fall Life Mastery Retreat at Warner Springs. For everyone who enrolls you will recieve a free copy of our 21 day EWorkbook, plus a follow up Empowerment Coaching session to keep you focused, and taking action to live the life you want and deserve.

Leave me a message and let me know how you felt during the solar eclipse, and what you plan for 8-8-08. Spend ten minutes on 8-8-08 and visualize world peace, and visualize you at peace living your vision. Be sure and join our FOCUS call on monday, we have a surprise for you...but you have to tune in to find out! That's Monday at 9 am MST. Click here to sign up.

Aug 5, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, Money Creation, and Law of Attraction

Spiritual retreat, is a great way to release old bliefs and conditioning, that block money creation. On yesterdays FOCUS call we discussed money creation with Fearless, Optimistic, Creation, 4 Unlimited, Success.

During our visuliaztion on our call, I had our guests give money a face and personality. If have time, you could close you eyes, and imagine that the energy of money just walked in your door. Are you glad to see MONEY? Is money your friend? Did you greet money and feel good about allowing the energy into your home. Notice your feelings. Imagine, that this money energy, begins to grow, and fills your bank account with a large supply. As you continue this scene, imagine sending this energy out to pay all your bills; the amount is immediately replenished with even more money. As you allow this video to play in your mind, how do you feel?

On our calls, experience our visulization/hypnotherapy session, and then move into our EFT session. EFT is a therapy using tapping to release emotions, and release old beliefs that block success in life, relationships, and business. Here is a testimonial for our call yesterday.

Holy Moley, Annie! I had no idea ... something I didn't know about you is that you are part magic genie! The Monday Morning FOCUS Call was incredibly empowering and I have to thank you! The imagery you chose really sang and your words were inspiring and just radiating with energy.

THANK YOU! I am feeling incredibly blessed and grateful right now. This was my first one ... I hope you do lots of them!


Sign up for next week's Focus call .

Aug 3, 2008

Sedona Retreats, the law of attraction and money creation

Our Sedona Retreats help you master the law of attraction for the creation of money and financial opportunities. Money and wealth are a result of our relationship with money in our childhood. This post is a reply to a comment from a couple of our readers. Take another look at your beliefs regarding money. If you have "money worries" you need to clean your money belief closet! Check the beliefs below and find your inner belief that is causing a block in your flow.

I have to work hard to get money

I always need more money

Easy come easy go

I can’t afford this

I don’t have the money for what I want right now
People who have money have done something bad, to get it

Money is evil money is bad, it corrupts people

Money will never make you happy anyway

Money isn’t worth having unless you have to work hard to get it
Money comes and goes

There has to be a lot of effort to get it

It’s noble to suffer to get money

If you struggle to get money it will stay longer

Money is always taken from me

It is better to give than to receive

I love giving more than receiving

Which of these beliefs restricts your flow with money? Do you fear having money and then losing it? Do you feel that other people have a good relationship with money, and that you will never have that relationship? Who portrays your relationship with money? Getting clear with your feelings around money allows you to heal your relationship with money.

Join our FOCUS call tomorrow and every Monday at 9 am mountain standard time. Learn EFT, visualizations, and actions steps to create the financial abundance that you want and deserve. Leave me a comment and let me what is blocking your flow, and join our call to master the Law of Attraction.

Spiritual Retreats, Monday Morning FOCUS, and Law of Attraction

Spiritual Retreats can shift your life from what is, and give you the tools to create what you want. If you are looking for a life changing experience, join us for our spiritual retreat.

Applying action with the Law of Attraction and yet not creating what you want? Join us for our Monday Morning's FOCUS call tomorrow at 9 am mountain standard time.

Take a look at our acronym for F.O.C.U.S. To stay focused on what you want and create the life you deserve.


Our Monday Morning Focus call creates the foundation for fearless, optimistic, CREATION, with unlimited success. Join us for EFT, Hynotherapy, Visualizations and group synergy with like minded friends focused on success.

Yesterday, my new friend on Face Book, Mitch who has an awesome blog on blogging over at Commented on my blog post about beliefs, the law of attraction, and money creation, which is of course what our FOCUS call is all about. Anyway, Mitch shared with me that he doesn't feel that he has beliefs blocking his money flow, yet he still "worries" about money. My question back to Mitch, and to anyone reading this is if you worry about money do you feel it helps with your creation of money?

Join us tomorrow morning and hear the rest of the story. Remember tomorrow at 9 am mountain standard time we will FOCUS on Fearless, Optimistic, Creation to bring Unlimited Success to your life, and your week. Our call will help you to master the law of attraction.