Jul 27, 2011

Relationship in Slump? Try a Love Byte!

Relationship in a slump? Ready to try a little tenderness? Not sure how to break the iceberg that has crept between you and your honey?

Try my love bytes for a starter.

When you think of your honey. Think good thoughts. Remember the best of who they are. Throw out all the "little" things that your mind focuses on that creates distance and pushes love away.

Come along for the journey with me. I will be posting love bytes and tips for you to say yes to love. It is always great to hear some good feed back. So leave me a comment if my love bytes make a difference for you. I will be randomly choosing a person who leaves a comment to gift a copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

And of course as always remember us when you need a break from your hectic life or if Sedona, Arizona calls you. We offer retreats that focus on you and your needs and fit your budget.

Jul 24, 2011

EFT for Health and Healing

EFT is software for the emotions. Do you have stuck emotions causing pain in your body? EFT can release your blocks and bring your body back to health.

1. How does EFT work to release emotions and pain? EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is performed by tapping on energy meridians that traverse the body. The tapping acts to move and rid the body of uncompleted emotional energy that become major contributors to dis-ease.

2. What symptoms can you use EFT to release? EFT has been used to release energy and symptoms associated with low back pain, headaches, and even more chronic dis-ease. It can be learned and applied for self treatment or you can receive a treatment from a practitioner. Both can be equally effective. EFT can also be applied to rid the mind of subconscious patterns and belief systems that create habits and addictions.

4. How often do you need to apply EFT to be effective? This will vary. Sometimes you will get immediate relief of symptoms. Other times you will remove one layer and then need to apply again within the same day or the next day and remove a deeper layer of emotions to go deeper to the core issue.

5. EFT has been used to quit smoking, release weight, stop sugar cravings and most cravings and urges, including serious addictions. It can be a key to unlock the hidden emotions that cause chronic depression and other nervous disorders including anxiety and panic attacks. It has been called the emotional energy cleanser and also the "miracle worker".

The most wonderful news is that you can learn this amazing self-help tool and apply it daily to release stress and bring your body back to health no matter what your symptoms.

Want to find out more information about EFT? My book Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love shares stories at the end of each chapter and includes EFT techniques to empower you to release your self-sabotaging habits.

Our Sedona retreats include EFT, Reiki, and other powerful healing tools to get to the root of dis-ease. Let us design a retreat especially for you designed to fit your needs and budget. Take a look at our video retreat testimonial

Romance or TV? Retreat and Heal reveals Loves Secret

Do you find romance dwindling, with sex taking a back seat to the TV? Today's hectic pace of life and auto-pilot living take over, and leave romance and love in the dust. Take control of your love life by planning a romantic evening to heat up your bedroom.

o If you idea of celebrating love is sitting on the couch with your couch potato. Turn the TV off and set the mood for romance. Your partner may have lost their libido to the remote control. Follow these rituals to create a magical romantic evening.

o Pick up her favorite flowers and a mood candle. Make sure that you show up first before her. Put the flowers on the nightstand and light the mood candle.

o Put clean red sheets on the bed. Leave a love note on her pillow with rose petals under the sheet.

o Run a hot bath in the tub five minutes before she arrives. Add three drops each of lavender, ylang ylang, rose geranium, clary sage and marjoram to a teaspoon of honey and add this to her bath just before she enters. Put on her favorite music and quickly get in the shower.

o When she arrives take her directly to the bathroom and help her undress. Have her slip into the bath. Roll a towel and slip it under her head.

o Once she is ready to leave her heavenly bath. Have a nice bathrobe for her to slip into. Lay her on the bed in her bathrobe on top of the rose petals. Take a relaxing lotion like lavender and massage her feet.

She is now relaxed and in the mood. The rest is up to you. Take your time to focus on what you love about each other and make the most of the moment. It is up to you to create love or push love away with an over busy schedule and collapsing in front of the tv. Seize the moment and create the love you want. Click here for information on couples retreats to help you recapture love and romance.

Our couples retreats offer you the tools to heal old emotional pain and return to love. Spend a day, three days or a full week with us and live your life in love with the one you love.
© copyright by Annie B Lawrence, Ph.D, CHT.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1144685

Love, Sex, and Happy Relationships

What is the most important component of a happy relationship? Love or sex. You may have sex and passion without love but it will be short-lived. To keep love, sex, and passion alive long after the initial lust and passionate stage of a relationship, it requires a vision of what you want, a good foundation, commitment, and unconditional love.

Love's Secret offers an action plan to build love habits by releasing old habits and conditioning and learning to focus on love. Focus on what you have in your life that you love, and also focus on the things you love about your mate, and release the habit of nit-picking. Write down what you love about your life and also look at what you don't like. Once you are aware of what you want then spend 15 minutes seeing a picture of this in your mind. After you have a clear vision of what you want, feel how it feels to have it in your life. Play some beautiful music that makes you happy and hold your vision. Feel the happy feelings and then feel how grateful you feel for having it in your life. This is the magic of creation.

Let me know you thoughts and feelings that come up from practicing your manifestation vision. Make a commitment to yourself to set aside time daily to hold your vision of love. As you create love in your life and create the life you want you will be assisting in creating a world in love.

I work with couples via skype, phone and in person through our retreats. Having a love coach empowers you to focus on love and rise above old habits and the ego urge to be right at all costs. Let us create a retreat that fits your needs and budget. Sedona has the beauty and our retreats are packed with fun, tools and experiences to get your relationship back on track.

Jul 23, 2011

Retreat to Regroup

Ever had one of those days when you feel that life has passed you by? Time to regroup. When you feel that you are lost and can't find your way. Treat this as a message that you need to let go and find a new way. Everything in life is a message including feeling lost, overwhelmed and depressed. There is a dream deep in your heart that you lost trying to get your attention.

Try this tension tamer. Turn off the computer, cell phone, tv and run a warm tub of water. Light a yellow candle, and put a tblsp of honey, 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 drops of clary sage, and 2 drops of rose geranium. Put your favorite music on your ipod and relax and let go.

When you emerge from your retreat. Sit down with a pen and pad and just allow whatever is on your mind to go on paper. Take a look at what your heart is wanting to express. For the next week repeat this exercise as often as possible. Without judging just allow time to listen to what has been shut inside.

Sedona is a beautiful place to retreat and heal. We offer a safe place to heal your feelings of being lost, overwhelmed and disconnected. Visit us for a day, long weekend or a full week and our retreats will empower you to align with your purpose and find inner peace.

Jul 21, 2011

Retreat and Return to Love

Retreat from your fighting patterns and return to love. If you find yourself fighting more than making love; retreat from your old habits and advance toward love. Many couples start out deeply in love only to find their love buried in life and patterns that push love away.

When couples disagree, shut down and give each other the silent treatment, research has proven it creates health problems. Research studies also show that married women who keep silent during marital disputes have a greater chance of dying from heart disease and other conditions than women who speak their minds. The research, from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, showed that how couples fight affects not only their relationship but their health.

Further research studies in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry found that after marital spats, blisters generally healed more slowly, a sign that stress interfered with immune system functioning. In hostile couples — those who hurled insults or rolled their eyes when arguing — healing was 60 percent slower than in couples who didn't display antagonistic behaviors.

Love's Secret offers couples easy to apply tools to release emotions and stay connected to love. Couples who learn to express their emotions have a greater chance of long term success in their relationships. Use this tip to stay focused on love when you are discussing an issue that brings discord. Find a word that has meaning to both you and your mate. This word can be anything that will bring you both back to your love. It can be as simple as "LOVE" or "I choose love" or whatever will work for the two of you. When one person repeats the word agree to each take a deep breath and for a moment back away. When you take a breather focus on what is important to you. And most importantly remind yourself that you are committed to stay connected and release the emotions causing you to want to shut down.

Many times arguments are over little things and couples allow little things that don't matter to push love out of their life. Comment on my post and give me your ideas and secrets that help you stay connected to love.

Take a look at a testimonial from a couple who learned to return to love. When you are ready to stop pushing love away and say yes to love; retreat to Sedona.

Jul 6, 2011

Live Your Dream~Retreat and find your spark

Is there a dream hidden in your heart that wants to be expressed? Use these secrets to stop pushing your dream away; and express your divine spark of imagination. Retreat from your busy everyday life to empower your dreams with tools for creation.

Fear blocks the expression of your dream that lies deep inside your heart. Our retreat guests share that fear is their biggest block to manifesting their dreams. Fear takes many forms including fear of losing what is now accepted as being comfortable because it is known. The acronym for fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. What we expect whether it is known expectations or hidden in the subconscious mind, always determines what we see in our lives.

Retreat advances you toward your dreams. Confront old beliefs and patterns started in your childhood and replace them with new choices and habits that support who you want to be, and what you want in life. Follow these two tips to empower you dream.

* Each time you feel uncomfortable, take time to look within. Look fear in the face and take you power back. As a child fear was used to control you by your parents, teachers, family and friends. You have the power to say good-bye to fear and stop the habit of controlling yourself with fear. Anchor in the feeling of being safe to change and become the new You. In your mind hold a vision of you living your dream with people supporting, and nurturing you.

* Each day advance toward your dream by building goals and action steps. If you have no map or vision then you'll never know when you arrive. Each day you have a choice to keep doing what you have done and getting the same results or go through growing pains and create what you want.

Retreat and Heal empowers you to advance toward your dream and build a foundation for success and abundance. EFT and Hypnotherapy help you look at core beliefs that keep you from living your dream. Here is a recent testimonial from our retreat guest.

"I wanted to thank you again for the extraordinary retreat. I've been on a path of Personal and Spiritual Growth for more that 6 years now and I received more value in a few short hours than I've gotten in years of growth. The accommodations were fantastic and the healing sessions were just what I needed. You and Jerry continued to over deliver and I greatly appreciate that. I will absolutely return and share this experience with my family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks again, Manny Goldman, Founder and CEO Real Growth Worldwide, Author The Power of Personal Growth

We hope that you will remember us when you are ready to Retreat and advance toward your dreams.

Jul 1, 2011

Retreat to talk about Love

Love is one of the major topics our retreat guests come to discuss. Have you found the love that you want? Do you have your mind and nervous system connected to love? Do you have love connected to hurt and pain?

As a child you craved love and connection, yet when you felt hurt or rejected you trained yourself to separate from your feelings and shut down. Over and over you conditioned yourself that feelings were not safe. Is it possible to find love when your heart is armored and shut?

You can start your journey to love by opening your heart to the love inside. Focus each day on what you love about yourself. Spend time in nature, breath and focus on your heart. Practice seeing an inner smile and see love radiating from your smile to your heart. Feel gratitude for the courage to open your heart and feel the love inside. With an open heart and the ability to feel the love inside, you can share your love, rather than the endless search looking for it outside.

Our retreats include a copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love and tools to empower you to open your heart to love. Sedona has the beauty and our years of experience make Retreat and Heal the destination to find the love you deserve.