Aug 7, 2008

Spiritual Retreat, to Align with Your Life Purpose

Spiritual Retreat can be a great place to align with your life purpose. Do you feel that you were born with a purpose? Do you feel a constant inner drive moving you toward work that has more meaning?

Many of our retreat guests, come to Sedona in search of a deeper meaning for their life. Many have excelled in their chosen field and yet, feel a deep longing inside to be of service. This month we have experienced a solar eclipse, at the beginning of the month, 8-8-8 on friday for infinite creation, and a lunar eclipse coming up on Aug 16. For thousands of years, our grandmothers and grandfathers have respected an eclipse, as a time of great change. Are these eclipse's nudging you forward to align with your life purpose?

Here are action steps, to bring clarity on your purpose, and a deeper inner connection to your wisdom. Take time in the early morning to allow stillness and ask for clarity. In our hurry, worry, world it seems that bus-i-ness is the norm, rather than planing for our spiritual rituals.

Create a ritual for your stillness. Turn on music, light a candle, close your eyes. Visualize yourself in an environment with like minded people. Most of our retreat guests get stuck in the "how". It is not as important to find the "how" it is more important to spend time with visualizing, feeling, and trusting the "what". The "what" is the feelling of being of service and making a difference. During your morning ritual, spend time feeling yourself with people around you, and see yourself giving of your love and wisdom. Next, throughout your day practice positive expectancy. Your visuliaztions act as a magnet to bring what you place your thoughts emotions on.

Ready to Align With Your Life Purpose? Reserve your space in our fall Life Mastery Retreat at Warner Springs. For everyone who enrolls you will recieve a free copy of our 21 day EWorkbook, plus a follow up Empowerment Coaching session to keep you focused, and taking action to live the life you want and deserve.

Leave me a message and let me know how you felt during the solar eclipse, and what you plan for 8-8-08. Spend ten minutes on 8-8-08 and visualize world peace, and visualize you at peace living your vision. Be sure and join our FOCUS call on monday, we have a surprise for you...but you have to tune in to find out! That's Monday at 9 am MST. Click here to sign up.