Jun 7, 2015

#Couples Retreat In Sedona to Reconnect to Love

#Retreat and Heal give couples tools to reconnect with their heart connection. Couples start their relationships in euphoric love, high hopes and positive expectations for their dream romance. Fighting and pulling away are never part of the dream. Yet, old patterns from the past surface and seem stronger than any dreams and take over. Most couples who come to Sedona for our retreats find themselves stuck in hurt and pain without tools to heal. Our retreats empower couples to reconnect to love.

Commit to love by creating a vision of what you want in your relationship and open your heart to your vision. Each partner creates a vision of what is wanted in their relationship then co-create a vision from the two visions. This gets both partner current and committed to love. When each partner feels heard and understood the relationships is released from the toxic patterns of the past.

Compassionate communication empowers each partner to speak up and compassionately share what they are feeling and ask for what they want. Through speaking up each person learns to keep their hearts open while keeping compassion and commitment alive. For the past eleven years our couples move from feeling stuck to feeling deeply in love with their partners.

The next step is to keep your heart open and ask for what you want. Invest daily into your relationship account by smiling and holding your vision. EFT, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, shamanic healing, sacred vortex tools, all part of our couples retreat based on your needs. Invest in your relationship by scheduling a retreat and reconnect to love.