Mar 1, 2010

Retreat to Advance Toward Your Goals

Retreat empowers you to advance toward your goals by bring clarity and removing your blocks. What is your biggest block to claiming your goals for 2010? Two months have raced by in 2010 how many steps have you taken toward creating your goals?

Often we stay so busy and operating on survival that we loose our vision and focus. What is your most effective focus tool to keep bringing yourself back to your vision? We all have habits that drain our energy, the key is to create discipline and habits that build a foundation for our goals and dreams.

Here is a challenge for the month of March. Everyone is spending time doing their taxes. Look at how you spent your energy for 2009. Your money is your energy how did you invest your energy? How much energy did you invest in what you want for your life and future?

Look at your habits that build energy and habits that drain your energy. Fear, worry, frustration, anger can be habits that you have gathered as a way of reacting to your life. These emotions create chemicals in your body. Once you react to life over and over with any of these emotions you create a chemical dependence for the emotions and there by create a habit just like smoking or drinking. It then becomes a habit to react to your life with either fear, worry, or frustration. Are you a worry, fear or frustration aholic?

Retreat allows you to focus on your automatic habits and reactions to life. By removing yourself from your environment and routine you can advance beyond your habits and empower yourself with tools to change your thoughts, mind and habits. Are your emotional habits blocking you from achieving your goals and dreams?