Jan 5, 2011

Sedona Retreats Empower Your 2011 Goals

Sedona Retreats empower you with the energy to clear your old thoughts and patterns and set your goals to live your dream. Are you stuck in old patterns and ready to move forward? Now is a great time to look at what is working in your life and let go of what holds you back from your dreams.

Create a ceremony for releasing your blocks. Today is still in the new moon and a great time to set new goals. It is also a great time to release what is blocking you from your good. Below find step by step instructions to create a Bowl Burning Ceremony. It is a great way to clear old patterns and welcome in what you want in your life.

1. Take a large piece of white computer paper. On the page draw a large circle. This circle has been used for ceremony through out time in many indigenous cultures. It represents you life in balance in health, wealth and spiritually.

2. On the inside of the circle write down everything you want in your life. On the outside of the circle write down what blocks you from having what you want.

3. Take all the things on the outside of the circle and write it down on a clean piece of paper. Burn this piece of paper. At the same time you are burning the paper, hold a vision of having everything that is inside your circle and feel gratitude for having it.

4. Each morning when you wake up connect to the feeling of gratitude and hold your vision.

5. Hold positive expectation throughout your day and be open to the new opportunities that will appear in your life.

Retreat and Heal offers day retreats, three day personal healing retreats, and couples retreats in a safe healing space. Reserve your space now to start living your dreams, anytime of year is a perfect time to retreat and heal.