Jun 15, 2015

Is your comfort zone a war zone?

Are you addicted to drama and pain? Did your childhood create cycles and patterns for the chemicals connected to pain, drama and fighting? Running away, shutting down, or trying a new partner can't change these patterns. As a child you may have learned to shutdown your heart and emotions as a way to gain control, and these patterns and habits feel normal yet push love away. and often end in divorce. Our couples retreats empower you with tools for communication, teach you how to let go of emotional hurt and pain, and assist each partner to open their heart and share their love. Through the end of the year each retreat includes a copy of award winning Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

Follow these tips from Love's Secret to stop fighting and make love.

1.Fighting over the same issues? Keep shutting down and stuffing your feelings? This habit results in an explosion of hurtful words and pushing each other away. Stop. Take a deep breath. Hold a vision of a beautiful pick rose. Allow the rose to absorb all the hurt and pain. Let it all go. Breath in the love offered by the rose and allow it to bath all your cells and fill your heart.

2. EFT or Emotional Freedom empowers you with tools to heal your past hurt and trauma and stop toxic fighting patterns. Realize, that each of you are triggered and reacting from past hurt and trauma. Until you heal the stuck hurt and trauma, it will continue to be brought to the surface to be healed and released. Remind yourself that love and connection are your intention and let the old hurt go. Hurt and pain may feel normal, (like an itch that begs to be scratched), but be strong and let it go.

3. Make a commitment to love, by agreeing on a word used as a signal to stop the fight. Honor each other and your love by stopping the argument when the word is said by either partner. This word must have meaning for both of you. Words used by previous couples include: love, partnership, agreement, commitment, healing, what is important, the past is over, freedom, I choose love. You can also decide on a symbol of love and unity ie: a Dove, heart, a pink bubble of light. When you feel yourself stuck in reaction say the word and hold the symbol in your mind and breath. Each time you choose love over fighting you will feel more and more freedom from the past.

4. If you become so triggered that you can't keep yourself from reacting; you are hitting a core survival issue. When this occurs you might need help to get unstuck. Find someone who has experience working with couples and EFT and give them a call to either work in person, or over the phone. I offer both phone sessions and skype sessions individually and to couples.

Our Sedona Retreats offer tools for healing your core issues with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. I also work with clients throughout the world by phone and have great results with relationship issues, core issues, stop smoking and weight loss. Gift yourself lasting love, invest in a #couples retreat or #personal healing retreat and gift yourself with inner peace and happiness. a couples retreat is a gift of lasting love.