Jan 17, 2008

Finding Your Way Back to Love through Love's Secret

If you have lost that loving feeling and need to find your way back to love follow this secret. When you are feeling like you can't let go of anger, pain, and resentment; ask yourself what's important. You are never upset at what you think you are upset at. And if you quickly assess your stance you will find that with a commitment to love you can't hold on to anger. Quickly decide what you want to commit to--anger or love. Anger is poison and not a good emotion to be committed to. Love builds health, heart connections, and leaves you feeling good inside.

Find your way back to love--commit to focus on love and give yourself permission to let go of anger. Anger causes many stress related health problems and is not worth pushing love away.

Make a commitment to love by never going to bed angry. A moment wasted in anger is love lost forever. Share your secrets with me on how you stay focused on love.