Oct 31, 2011

Retreat and Heal Contest for Loves Secret

Relationship stuck in unhealthy patterns? At your wits end as to how to shift from pain and drama to love? Not sure how to break the iceberg that has crept between you and your honey?

Try my love bytes for a starter.

When you think of your partner. Think good thoughts. Remember the best of who they are. Throw out all the "little" things that your mind focuses on that creates distance and pushes love away.

Come along for the journey with me. I will be posting love bytes and tips to heat up your bedroom and empower you to reconnect to love. Each time you leave me a comment on this blog or on our facebook page your name will be entered to win a copy of Love's Secret. So leave me a comment, and give me your challenges and success.

And of course as always remember us when you need a break from your hectic life, need help with your relationship, or when Sedona calls you. We offer retreats that focus on you and your needs and fit your budget. A Sedona retreat is a perfect gift that creates happiness for a lifetime.

Oct 25, 2011

Retreat and Reconnect to Love

Couples enter relationships with high hopes and positive expectations for their dream romance. Fighting and pulling away are never part of the dream. Yet, old patterns from the past surface and seem stronger than any dreams and take over. Most couples who come to Sedona for our retreats find themselves stuck in hurt and pain without tools to heal. Our retreats empower couples to reconnect to love.

Reconnect to love by creating a vision of what you want in your relationship and commit your heart to your vision. Each partner creates a vision of what is wanted in the relationship then co-create a vision from the two visions.

Compassionate communication empowers each partner to speak up and compassionately ask for what they want. Through speaking up each person learns to keep their compassion and commitment alive. Our retreat couples learn to stay current with their emotions and speak up and ask for what they want.

The next step is to keep your heart open and ask for what you want. Invest daily into your relationship account by smiling and holding your vision. EFT, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, shamanic healing, sacred vortex tools, all part of our couples retreat based on your needs. Invest in your relationship by scheduling a retreat and reconnect to love.

Oct 24, 2011

Retreat from Overwhelm and Empower Your Health

Retreat from overwhelm and empower your immune response for the fall and winter season. Are you looking for ways to stay healthy this fall and winter? Follow these tips to boost your immune system and say no to cold and flu bugs.

1. Spend time in the sun each day without sun screen, and without sun shades. This boost your ability to absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens your defenses against cold and flu viruses.

2. Spend fifteen minutes each day either in prayer or meditation. During this quiet time hold gratitude for the things that you have in your life. Practice alternate nostril breathing and hold a vision of yourself healthy.

3. Drink at least eight glasses of water. Bless your water before drinking it and ask it to cleanse the toxins from your system.

4. Buy a netti pot and wash your sinus each day before you retire. Add a small amount of celtic sea salt to the wash. Continue this each night throughout the fall and winter.

5. A Sedona Retreat empowers you with tools like the ones above. EFT, assists you to empty your emotional bag, deepen your connection to Divine Source, and release the feeling of overwhelm.

Follow these simple daily rituals to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Our retreat guests find inner peace and clear away stress and feelings of overwhelm. Sedona is a beautiful place to retreat and find inner peace.

Oct 20, 2011

Stop Fighting and Make Love

Are you sick and tired of drama? Want to run away? Did your role models for relationship teach you to retreat and close your heart. These habits feel normal yet push love away, and often end in divorce. Our couples retreats empower you with tools for communication, teach you how to let go of emotional hurt and pain, and assist each partner to open their heart and share their love. Through the end of the year each retreat includes a copy of award winning Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

Follow these tips from Love's Secret to stop fighting and make love.

1.Fighting over the same issues? Keep shutting down and stuffing your feelings? This habit results in an explosion of hurtful words and pushing each other away. Stop. Take a deep breath and hold a vision of the thing you love most about your mate.

2. EFT or Emotional Freedom empowers you with tools to heal your past hurt and trauma and stop toxic fighting patterns. Realize, that each of you are reacting from past hurt and trauma, and never from what is or has happened in the present moment. Until you heal the old stuck hurt and trauma, it will continue to be brought to the surface to be healed and released. Remind yourself that love and connection are your intention and let the old hurt go.

3. Agree on a word that can be used by both partners as a signal to stop the fight. Make an agreement to honor each other and your love by stopping the argument when the word is said by either partner. This word must have meaning for both of you. Words used by previous couples include: love, partnership, agreement, commitment, healing, what is important, the past is over, freedom, I choose love. You can also decide on a symbol of love and unity ie: a Dove, heart, a pink bubble of light. When you feel yourself stuck in reaction say the word and hold the symbol in your mind and breath.

4. If you become so triggered that you can't keep yourself from reacting; you are hitting a core survival issue. When this occurs you might need help to get unstuck. Find someone who has experience working with couples and EFT and give them a call to either work in person, or over the phone.

Our Sedona Retreats offer tools for healing your core issues with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. I also work with clients throughout the world by phone and have great results with couples issues, core issues, stop smoking and weight loss. Gift yourself lasting love, invest in a couples retreat and begin 2012 with renewed love a couples retreat is a gift of lasting love.

Oct 17, 2011

Addicted to Clutter? Retreat and reset your normal

A retreat away from your normal environment can help you reset what feels normal. According to Denver Post Clutter can be caused by many different influences. For me I grew up in an environment where stress, chaos, and clutter felt normal. Here are the new habits that I found that helped me reset my normal feeling of clutter to organized and relaxed.

Follow these three tips to shift your life from clutter and chaos to inner peace and happiness.

1. Clutter comes from a habit of self sabotage and a feeling of holding on. Practice Yoga at least three times per week. Yoga is a great way to expand your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga creates inner strength to break free from patterns and habits; creating a calm clear mind.

2. Meditation has been proven to shift your mind and create new thought patterns. Most of our retreat guests have a challenge slowing their mind down from the hectic pace of their life. The best way to slow the mind down is to practice breath awareness. As you observe your breath, just watch your thoughts. Become the witness and slowly you will notice your thoughts becoming more peaceful. One of the most powerful and popular meditations that we teach is the "inner smile" meditation. Find a peaceful place in nature or in your home. Play some relaxing music and hold the intention to let go. As you smile and send the love that you give so freely to others to yourself you will feel a beautiful glow growing inside. The "inner smile" has been proven to change your brain chemistry. As you clear away the cobwebs of "inner judgement", "inner anger" and "inner criticism" you will find it easier to change your outer environment.

3. Include something in your day that you love. If you can, take a walk in nature and allow yourself to slow down and welcome peace into your life. If you love dancing this is a great way to release stress. Listen to your inner urges they will guide you to peace.

Retreat and Heal is a small boutique retreat specializing in personalized retreats that cater to you and your needs. Fall is a beautiful time to pamper yourself and declutter your life. Gift yourself a retreat to reset your normal to inner peace and happiness; you deserve to live your life in love.