Jun 30, 2008

Law of Attraction Not Working? Apply our Action Plan to Master The Secret

Law of Attraction not bringing the results that you want? Do you see what you want, yet terrified to step out on the limb and let go of what you know? Many are aware of the Law of Attraction but feel stuck in what they don't want and don't have the courage to move forward. Join our Group Master Mind to master the Law of Attraction and Find Your Life Purpose, and follow these tips to get started moving forward now.
1. Find out where you are now. Start a journal and write down your level of happiness with your life, relationship, and career on a 0-10 level.
2. What level of commitment do you have to change you current situation? What are you willing to give to achieve more love, happiness, inner peace, and joy in your life.
3. Start now. Sign up for our Teleseminar Series and our Group Master Mind for moving forward.

Jun 27, 2008

Law of Attraction-Get the Secret to Success using the Law of Attraction!

Oprah's show June 27 is presenting Law of Attraction and success stories. Are you one of the success stories or do you need to refine your skills?
What is the Law of Attraction and how do you apply the principals to create the life you want and deserve? Oprah's show today focused on people who are applying the Law of Attraction and their success. What is the secret to attracting what you want and not what you fear? Attend our free teleseminar Tuesday July 1 at 11 am pacific time and learn the secret to success using the Law of Attraction.
Thinking about what you want and visulizing it daily, yet not seeing the results you want? Use this tip.
1. Write your goals down that you want to achieve in the next 30 days.
2. Post these goals where you can see them each day, on your bathroom mirror is a great place.
3. Make a vision board and put pictures on it that you want in the next year.
4. Set aside 15 minutes each day and visulize what you have in your goals.
What is working for you with applying the Law of Attraction?

Jun 26, 2008

Law of Attraction Master Mind Group-Teleseminars to Find Passion, and Purpose

Using the Law of Attraction and want to attract more of what you want and less of what you fear? With the economy, and the climate changes, you probably hear about gas prices, and a weak economy each day. Want to focus your thoughts and actions in a positive way and let go of the all the fear?

Join our Law of Attraction Group and teleseminars to find your purpose and create the life you want and deserve. Here are some tips to focus your thoughts and actions on what you want.

1. When you hear other people fearing and worrying take a deep breath and let the fear go. When you focus on fear you attract more of what you are fearing. When you take a deep breath and release the fear you can bring yourself back to center. All fear is about what is happening in the future or past. Keep yourself focused in the present moment and choose to feel safe.

2. Take time to develop a mind that feels safe to be still. Most of our society have developed habits of always being busy and on the go. When you stop at first it feels unsafe and unfamiliar. Move through that feeling of being uncomfortable and develop a new feeling of being safe to be still.

3. Determine an anchor word to focus on to bring back to the present moment. Determine a word or symbol to bring you back from the past or future. For me the symbol is a Dove. The Dove symbolizes inner peace and I love the song of the Dove. It makes me feel safe to be still.

Have you heard of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique? EFT is software for the emotions and can clear and move emotions that have been blocked for years. Go here to find EFT Tools
all of our Sedona Retreats and Day Packages empower you with tools to face your fears and move forward in your life.

Leave me a message and let me know your favorite way to use The Law of Attraction, or The Secret Tools. I love to hear success stories. My favorite Law of Attraction story was when I wrote my list to find my life partner eighteen years ago and found the love of my life.

Jun 18, 2008

Passion lost? Attend our Free Teleseminar to Align with Your Passion, Power, and Purpose

Purpose, and passion insight but afraid to jump off of what is to what you dream can be?
Our free teleseminar will empower you to live your dream. Ready to claim your goals and live your dream?
Jump off from what is and live your dream! Face your fears of success and fears of failure! Our tools empower you to let go of the comfortable chaos of what is to create your dream!
What will you gain from our one hour teleclass?If you have watched The Secret, A New Earth, and practicing the Law of attraction and yet feel stuck in your life, job, and relationship?
Discover 3 secrets to face your fears and move forward in your life. Do you visualize yourself being in a better relationship, more meaningful work, and more money in your bank account? Yet, feel frustrated with your results?
* Empower yourself with tools to face your “inner critic” that holds you back and keeps you stuck in self sabotage.
* Learn the “secrets" to create what you want and deserve. If you believe that you have a higher purpose for you life yet feel blocked in regard to what that “purpose” is—we can help.
* If you are practicing the Law of Attraction yet feel your results are not showing what you want and deserve our secrets are for you. Sign up for our teleseminar. Be among the first 50 to announce yourself online through your computer or by phone. We will randomly choose one guest to receive a free Empowerment Coaching Session. We hope to have you on line with us.

Jun 11, 2008

Looking for the Secret behind the Secret?

Law of Attraction not attracting what you want? Looking for The Secret behind The Secret?
Our free teleseminar will empower you with the secret to get unblocked and find your pupose. Follow these secrets and empower yourself to release your blocks.
1. What is your deepest heart's desire? Have you lost your deepest heart's desire and find that it is even hidden from yourself? Begin to listen to your inner voice and ask that this desire be revealed to you. Set aside time in the morning and evening for writing.
2. Begin each day with 15 minutes of focused breathing. Hold your awareness in your lower abdomen and expand your abdomen, then your rib cage and bring your breath all the way up to your upper chest. Concentrate on relaxing as you exhale and bring in new energy as you inhale. In order to find your hearts desire you will need to develop a quiet mind and listen to your inner voice.
3. When your finish your breathing take time to write down your thoughts and feelings.
Hope to have you join our free teleclass on finding your purpose. We will be sharing more secrets and offer you the chance to join with a group of like minded friends.

Empower Yourself to Find Your Purpose with The Law of Attraction

Free empowerment teleseminar to Find Your Purpose using the Law of Attraction. Free preview call June 17 11 am pacific, offering three secrets to find you purpose and June 19 at 4pm pacific, providing more empowerment secrets.

Ready for a spiritual retreat but economy got a crunch on your budget. We have a teleseminar series that will fit your budget and empower you with tools to create a retreat at home.

Follow these tips to refresh your body and renew your soul at home.

*First turn off all phones and alert all family members you are not to be disturbed for two hours.
*Put on your favorite relaxing music, light a candle (scented with lavender to deepen your relaxation response) and fill your bath with hot water.

*Take a teaspoon of honey and add 3 drops of clary sage oil, 4 drops of marjoram, 4 drops of french lavender. Make sure these oils are pure essential oils. Slip into your bath and breathe in the aromas.

*Concentrate on your breath, following it in and out. As you breath in imagine filling your cells with light, and as you breath out releasing all stress. If you mind wants to go into the future or into the past keep bringing it back to your breath and let go.

*Enjoy your break and make time to create this experience often.

Visualization: I see myself totally relaxed and free from stress. I see myself scheduling time to nurture my body, mind, and spirit. I develop the habit of being happy and relaxed. Now that you are relaxed think about all the things you are grateful for. Leave me a message and let me know how this worked for you. This is a ritual that I include in my schedule each week.

Jun 10, 2008

Oprah is living her purpose--Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Purpose!

Oprah has aligned with her purpose and leads the life we all admire and want. Oprah and Eckhart talked in their webcasts, about A New Earth Awakening to your Life Purpose. Have you watched The Secret, listened to Oprah and Eckhart, and practiced the Law of Attraction--and still feel stuck? Our free teleseminar is for you.

Free empowerment teleseminar June 17 at 11 am pacific time, for Finding Your Purpose using the Law of Attraction. Learn secrets to create the results in your life, relationship, and work, that you want and deserve. Follow these three easy secrets to Find Your Purpose Now.

1. Set aside time in your day in the morning and evening to still your mind. If you allow you mind to be on auto-pilot--you will continue to create the same resultss, over and over.

2. Good tools to quieten your mind are yoga, and breath awareness. By being aware of your breath, you bring your mind into the present moment. Practice complete breath by bringing awareness to your lower abdomen, expanding the rib cage, and bringing the breath all the way up to the upper chest. This is great for relaxing your body, mind, and spirit before you fall asleep.

3. Practice doing three things each day that you enjoy. You may have conditioned yourself, to believe that you don't deserve to be happy. Many have conditioned themselves to settle for life the way it shows up. If you continue this habit, you will never break free from the fears that block your life purpose. What do you feel passionate about? Find your passion and find your purpose! Share your passion with me!

Jun 2, 2008

Did You Watch Oprah and Eckhart--Are you Aware of Your Pain Body?

What is a pain body and why do we have a pain body? How is our pain body related to mass consciousness? How does the pain in our body affect our relationships? Can healing our pain create a healthy relationship and more loving relationship, while creating more peace world wide?

Our pain body is formed by all the pain experienced, stuffed, and not completed from the beginning of our life. This includes pain that we felt in the womb, and even the cells that we were given just before birth, from our mother to prepare us to survive. It also includes pain that we pick up from our environment, and mass consciousness.

IF you watched Oprah and Eckhart, and are aware of your pain body, and looking for tools to heal, follow this guide to bring closure to your childhood pain. Most people have experienced cycles of pain revolving in patterns, always with different characters but with the same painful endings. Now is the time to cleanse your cellular memories, and end the painful recurring dramas.

Love hurts when you are addicted to pain and drama. What causes an addiction to pain and drama, and thus a large pain body? Growing up in an environment where you never felt loved or safe. If you only felt love when you created "drama" to gain attention, you now have love connected to pain and drama neurologically. Living your life from subconscious patterns and conditioning feels natural, and normal, yet creates a virtual "hell" on earth. This emotionally destructive pattern creates anxiety, stress, and depression.
Heal your pain body free teleseminar coming up on June 15 at 5 pm pacific time and 8 pm. Eastern. Are you aware of your pain body? What do you find most effective in healing your pain body? Are you aware how your pain body affects you life?