Apr 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning with a Spiritual Retreat in Sedona

Ready to do some spring cleaning? Sedona is the perfect place to spring clean your body, mind, and renew your spirit. Juyean came for our three day personal healing retreat and was more than pleased with her results.

Here are some tips for spring cleaning your mind and clearing habits that no longer serve your life.

1. Create a balance wheel and take a look at how balanced your life is. What needs to shift? You have to look at what you want to change then create habits that support the change you want to maintain.

2. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your inner voice and inner wisdom. Meditation can help you to clear your inner chaos and create a quiet mind. Our favorite meditation at Retreat and Heal is a walking meditation at the Tibetan Stupa. Meditation is easier if start with an active practice like yoga, tai chi, or even walking. Next sit, for at least fifteen minutes and concentrate on your breath.

3. Visualization is next on the list for creating what you want once you have cleared your mind. Tear pictures from a magazine and post them on your vision board. Put pictures that represent your dreams. Next create an action plan to create what you want. Spiritual Life Coaching is a wonderful way to create your action plan and put it into a manageable plan to make it reality.

We look forward to meeting you in Sedona and hope that you will allow us to assist you with your spring cleaning in Sedona.