May 12, 2015

#EFT Retreats to Retrain Your Brain-Easy Neuroplasticity

#Sedona retreats help you refocus and create new wiring for your brain. Many of our guests say that they feel stuck and disconnected spiritually. Your journey starts by feeling that deep longing inside for connection to God or Divine Source. Suffering from feeling overwhelmed? Can't sleep? The journey to balance begins with the desire and commitment to change bad habits that have created disconnection and overwhelm with healthy habits.

1. Start today with Meditation for seven days. Start with an easy to learn meditation. Just take long deep breaths and focus on your breath. Each time your mind wanders or starts to "think" of the past or the future, bring yourself back to the breath. Start with five minutes of focus. Each day extend the time by a minute. By the seventh day you will be up to 11 minutes of focus. The next week add in a smile to your focus. Breath deeply first expand your abdomen, then expand your rib cage, next expand your chest and bring the breath all the way up to your clavicles. When you focus on the breath, your smile and expanding your capacity to take in more oxygen; not only is it good for your metabolism, it also helps the body absorb more oxygen and then become more calm and focused. Throughout the day, use the smile to reset to feeling calm, relaxed and focused. New NeuroPlasticity Research shows that smiling changes your brain chemistry; creating more uplifting endorphins, and is more effective than anti-depressants. It is also cheaper and has no side effects.

2. As you become more proficient at meditation. After a month of practice. Add in the focus of your vision. What do you want in your life? If you are looking to create more clarity on what you want. At the end of your meditation or during it just hold a vision of your self happy with a smile and hold the feeling of doing work that you love and with a life partner that you love.

3. Next start a manifesting journal. Inside this journal create pages with pictures of you with everything you want in your life. Create pages to write at least one affirmation each day. Ie: I love my new work that pays well, with team players that are encouraging, kind, and supportive. I love my relationship with my life partner that is loving, kind and supportive. I love my life and I love feeling accomplished, fulfilled with a good flow of abundance in my life. I love having a good amount of money left in my bank account at the end of each month. I love feeling in the flow with my life.

4. When practicing affirmations, always be aware of cleansing. Sometimes as a result of practicing affirmations, you might get a cleansing reaction similar to eating healthy and having flu like symptoms as old toxins clean out. This could be experienced as fear or a feeling of lack even-though you have plenty of money. Rather than deny it write about it and perhaps do some EFT tapping on the feelings that come up. Give me a call for a phone session if a major core issue around money comes up.

5. EFT is very effective at find deep core issues around money and work. Take a look here for my EFT work book.

The most wonderful news is that you can learn this amazing self-help tool and apply it daily to release money issues that create stress and bring your body back to health, and create a healthy bank account, no matter what your symptoms.

Want to find out more information about EFT? My book Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love shares stories at the end of each chapter and includes EFT techniques to empower you to release your self-sabotaging habits. Retreat and Heal is offering a group EFT Retreat this fall to assist with releasing beliefs and habits that block the expression of health, happiness. love, and money.

Our Sedona retreats include EFT, Reiki, and other powerful healing tools to get to the root of dis-ease. Let us design a retreat especially for you designed to fit your needs and budget. Take a look at our video retreat testimonial from David regarding his EFT Retreat