Jul 14, 2008

Law of Attraction Always In Tune With Universal Law

Law of Attraction, is always in tune with the Universal Laws of nature. This universal law attracts to you what you think, focus on, and act upon. Where are you putting your energy? Think about your energy as an account, similar to the energy account, that you receive a bill for each month from the utility company. Even though you never get a bill for your energy account, you are held accountable, by the universe by what shows up in your life. Here are some tools to begin your week by making deposits, rather than overdrawing your account.

Think of your energy account in this way. When you are present, you are making a deposit in your account for your future. When you are in the past in regret, anger, or avoidance of the future you are making a major withdrawal from you account. When you make goals and agreements with yourself, and keep them you are making a major deposit in your account. Fear, worry, anger, frustration are all withdrawals. Time in nature, meditation, exercise, completing goals, giving special gifts to yourself and others are all deposits.

Our retreats teach EFT, meditation, clarity and focus and assist our guests to clear away old patterns and habits. Visit us in Sedona for a day or a full week and make a deposit in your energy account.

Another opportunity to make a deposit in your energy account, in the comfort of your home is attending our Free Weekly Law of Attraction Master Mind Group. Join us on Mondays, at 9 am pacific standard time. Learn EFT, Meditations for self healing, Goal manifesting and creation techniques, and learn to master the Law of Attraction.