Jun 1, 2010

Retreat to Clear Your Emotions and Create Your Dreams

Retreat and clear your emotions and create your dreams. Your emotions are a direct channel to manifest your dreams quickly. E-motions are a clear channel to the divine. When you are connected to your emotions and unafraid to express them in a positive compassionate way you manifest your goals and dreams quickly. However, when you are disconnected and stuff your emotions you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unclear about what you want in life.

Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki are two tools that we empower our guests with to clear blocked emotions and reconnect to inner peace. Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Take a quick breath break and tune into what you are avoiding. Here is a challenge for you and takes only five minutes.

1. Light a candle. Softly stare at the candle and take the light of the candle into your heart.

2. Next begin to smile an inner smile at your cells. Imagine that you can give the love that you long for to yourself. Hold this smile and breath.

3. Take your right hand and put it on your navel. Place your left hand over your right hand. Notice how much stress you feel in your neck and shoulders. Breath the stress out your feet into the earth.

4. Take your left hand and place it on your heart. Now allow the light from the candle and your heart to radiate to all the cells throughout your body.

5. Radiate the love and light that you feel to the world. Imagine that you can smile at all the people who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Imagine that you can send them the love that you feel right now. Imagine that everyone on the earth is now feeling their hearts open and full of love.

Retreat and Heal offers personal retreats based on your needs year round. We would love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona.