Jul 6, 2011

Live Your Dream~Retreat and find your spark

Is there a dream hidden in your heart that wants to be expressed? Use these secrets to stop pushing your dream away; and express your divine spark of imagination. Retreat from your busy everyday life to empower your dreams with tools for creation.

Fear blocks the expression of your dream that lies deep inside your heart. Our retreat guests share that fear is their biggest block to manifesting their dreams. Fear takes many forms including fear of losing what is now accepted as being comfortable because it is known. The acronym for fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. What we expect whether it is known expectations or hidden in the subconscious mind, always determines what we see in our lives.

Retreat advances you toward your dreams. Confront old beliefs and patterns started in your childhood and replace them with new choices and habits that support who you want to be, and what you want in life. Follow these two tips to empower you dream.

* Each time you feel uncomfortable, take time to look within. Look fear in the face and take you power back. As a child fear was used to control you by your parents, teachers, family and friends. You have the power to say good-bye to fear and stop the habit of controlling yourself with fear. Anchor in the feeling of being safe to change and become the new You. In your mind hold a vision of you living your dream with people supporting, and nurturing you.

* Each day advance toward your dream by building goals and action steps. If you have no map or vision then you'll never know when you arrive. Each day you have a choice to keep doing what you have done and getting the same results or go through growing pains and create what you want.

Retreat and Heal empowers you to advance toward your dream and build a foundation for success and abundance. EFT and Hypnotherapy help you look at core beliefs that keep you from living your dream. Here is a recent testimonial from our retreat guest.

"I wanted to thank you again for the extraordinary retreat. I've been on a path of Personal and Spiritual Growth for more that 6 years now and I received more value in a few short hours than I've gotten in years of growth. The accommodations were fantastic and the healing sessions were just what I needed. You and Jerry continued to over deliver and I greatly appreciate that. I will absolutely return and share this experience with my family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks again, Manny Goldman, Founder and CEO Real Growth Worldwide, Author The Power of Personal Growth

We hope that you will remember us when you are ready to Retreat and advance toward your dreams.