Apr 9, 2008

Have you created a squidoo lens? What tips would you give to improve my lens?

Would love to get feedback on creating squidoo lens. I have one at squidoo.com/retreats and squidoo/sedonaarizona and squidoo.com/sedonaretreats. Would love your feedback on how to make them more attractive and rank higher.

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Hilary and Obama Road Show Day 3

Here we are on the third day of the Ethnic Presidency blog blitz and the polls are showing an even split at 45%. Read the third excerpt from The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

There were also mixed signals if whether being a woman would help more than hurt Clinton even with women in a wide segment of America. In a Newsweek poll in July 2007, fewer voters said they would vote for a woman candidate for president than a black candidate. Hillary scored just as dismal when asked whether the country was ready for a female president. More said no to this question than said no for a black president. The gender reluctance by big chunks of voters was in part offset by the experience factor. Hillary scored big on this in the polls.

The Hillary distaste in part explained why in February 2007 Hollywood mogul David Geffen, a long time Clinton family cheerleader and campaign bankroller sucker punched Clinton with the knock that she would polarize voters. The implication was that she would be a disaster for the Democrats if she were to get the party presidential bid. Geffen rapped Clinton at the moment that he and some other Hollywood movie big shots pumped a reported cool million dollars into Obama’s campaign coffers.

At the same moment, a slew of conservative hit groups loudly announced they had sunk loads of cash into a pack of “stop Hillary” websites, muckraking pieces and scheduled attack ads on her. They vowed this was just the start of a freewheeling, no holds barred disinformation effort to sabotage her campaign.

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