Jun 29, 2013

Retreat to Give Your Self Love

Retreat to set your dial to love. Are you your best friend or worst enemy? At Retreat and Heal we empower our guests with tools to turn up the love dial and delete the critical voice inside. The first step to change is awareness. Become the observer and listen inside and follow these steps to create more love in your life.

1. Decide on a word and a symbol to recenter. Most people run on auto-pilot. Which allows old programs or habits to rule their life. When you find yourself feeling sad, overwhelmed or angry focus on the word peace and see a beautiful picture of a pink rose. Take three deep breaths and watch your feelings and mood shift.

2. Do this exercise several times a day. The more often you shift your feelings and mood the easier it gets.

3. Just before you go to bed at night practice the exercise again and let your last conscious breath each night be of peace and love. You will notice yourself beginning to smile more and feel more joy. You will also begin to notice yourself attracting more happiness and joy into your life.

Retreat and Heal offers personal healing retreats year round. Give us a call to enjoy the beauty of Sedona and gift yourself the focus and healing of our Sedona Retreats.