Sep 22, 2007

Blogging to Make a difference

Each day for the next 23 days I will be sharing something I feel can make a difference for the environment. I hope that you will join me to share your ideas and opinions. Yesterday I shared that Mattel is saying oooops! We all need to take a look at that and decide to make a difference by making purchases as locally as possible.

The old herbalist believed that there was a cure for any ailments we might have that grows wild within a ten mile radius. Most have become so removed from the earth and the environment that they would never recognize a remedy if it were available. Sometimes the cure is the dandelion or other "weeds" that are being killed with pesticides.

My tip for today is to reconnect with the environment where you live. Look around and what can you do to make a difference? One simple thing that we do often is when we are in nature we carry a bag and pick up trash. Stay aware and give me your tips to make a difference!