Mar 7, 2011

Shift Gears in Your Mind and Create Inner Peace

Inner Peace and Success are possible. 4 Tips to Shift Your Mind and create inner peace now. Sedona is a place of magical beauty and intense healing energy. Follow these tips to create more peace without leaving home. Many people are feeling more and more overwhelm and less peace within on a daily basis. Rising living costs with higher gas prices and the threat of higher food prices create more and more fear; and for many make it harder to sleep at night. Follow these tips to release your fears and choose inner peace.

1. First of all you must take the monster out of the closet. What are you most afraid to admit to yourself? Is the fear that you feel equal to the looming threat in your mind?

2. Often the threat and the fear associated with the underlying fear are only imagined. However, scientific research shared in What the Bleep Do We Know,shows that the mind doesn't know the difference in a "real" threat, or an imagined threat. Most imagined threats are exaggerated by fear stored in the subconscious mind.

3. The only way to make sure that you are not losing sleep over imagined fears is to consciously explore what you are reacting to. One good way to face your fear head on is to journal just before bed and complete all your feelings from the day.

4. Listening to music such as the Reiki Music above is a great way to relax and release fear and worry.

Retreat and Heal offer retreats that help your clear fear and worry habits from the past and create a new habit of inner peace. Email me or leave me a message below and enter to win a free EFT session to release fear and worry habits.