Jun 2, 2008

Did You Watch Oprah and Eckhart--Are you Aware of Your Pain Body?

What is a pain body and why do we have a pain body? How is our pain body related to mass consciousness? How does the pain in our body affect our relationships? Can healing our pain create a healthy relationship and more loving relationship, while creating more peace world wide?

Our pain body is formed by all the pain experienced, stuffed, and not completed from the beginning of our life. This includes pain that we felt in the womb, and even the cells that we were given just before birth, from our mother to prepare us to survive. It also includes pain that we pick up from our environment, and mass consciousness.

IF you watched Oprah and Eckhart, and are aware of your pain body, and looking for tools to heal, follow this guide to bring closure to your childhood pain. Most people have experienced cycles of pain revolving in patterns, always with different characters but with the same painful endings. Now is the time to cleanse your cellular memories, and end the painful recurring dramas.

Love hurts when you are addicted to pain and drama. What causes an addiction to pain and drama, and thus a large pain body? Growing up in an environment where you never felt loved or safe. If you only felt love when you created "drama" to gain attention, you now have love connected to pain and drama neurologically. Living your life from subconscious patterns and conditioning feels natural, and normal, yet creates a virtual "hell" on earth. This emotionally destructive pattern creates anxiety, stress, and depression.
Heal your pain body free teleseminar coming up on June 15 at 5 pm pacific time and 8 pm. Eastern. Are you aware of your pain body? What do you find most effective in healing your pain body? Are you aware how your pain body affects you life?