Mar 17, 2011

Angels around you!

Angels are always there waiting to be invited to assist you and guide you to your highest path. However, because of free will, Angels will never interfere unless we invite them.

Are you feeling anxious and fearful of the earth changes and current changes in our economy and environment? Anxiety never protects you but robs you of inner peace and joy. Here are some tips to release fear and anxiety and connect with inner peace and joy.

1. Light a candle and ask your angels to give you the strength to let go of your fear and worry habit. As a child you learned to fear as a way of feeling ready for what happens next. Each time you think fear thoughts and worry about the future your body is flooded with stress hormones. This eventually begins to overstress your organs, glands, and cells.

2. Your body becomes addicted to the chemicals associated with the stress hormones. Spend fifteen minutes seeing and feeling yourself shift from fear to feelings of trust and being safe to be in the moment.

3. Each time you find yourself fearing or worrying about your future--shift from fear to your vision of what you want. Feel the presence of your Angels around you supporting you. See yourself happy, feeling safe, smiling, surrounded by loving supportive friends and family.

Journal about your level of fear and anxiety. How much fear and anxiety do you feel on a daily basis. Perhaps, it has been there so long it feels natural and you would feel too vulnerable without it? On a scale of 0-10 how much fear do you feel? Are you ready to let it go?

Kim and Preston came to Sedona for our Couples retreat to let their relationship stress go. Our Sedona Retreats provide a safe place to connect with your patterns, and we provide the tools to leave your fear and anxiety in the past. Gift yourself or a loved one with a special healing Sedona Retreat.