Apr 15, 2010

Love, Money and Success Blocked? Retreat to Remove Your Walls

Retreat and advance through your walls. When you find yourself hitting a wall in your life how do you respond? Do you break the wall down? Do you go through the wall? Do you walk around the wall? Or do you avoid the pain that built the wall and surround the wall with more mortar in an effort to make it stronger?

Walls no longer serve your path. Instead they create a reaction to life from fight or flight which floods your body with toxic chemicals. Break through your walls blocking your path to love, money, and success. Here are some tips to change your response from fear and worry to acceptance and freedom.

~ The first step is recognizing when you are hitting a wall or set point. When you feel yourself wanting to react with fight or flight take a deep breath and notice what you are feeling. Acknowledge the wall and appreciate that the wall was put there to protect you.

~Give the wall a color, shape, and notice the size of the wall. Imagine surrounding the wall with love. Next ask yourself what you could replace the wall with and still feel safe to advance forward in your life.

~Light a candle and take some time to sit and breath. Imagine your life free from walls and self imposed limits (set points). Imagine moving to a new level with love, money, and success. Feel what it feels like to feel successful, loved and fully express your talents and abilities and have unlimited abundance in your life. Now connect that feeling to gratitude.

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