Sep 29, 2007

Emotional Freedom in Your Relationship

Do you feel emotionally free within your relationship? Love's Secret tip for today is to empty your bag of emotions that you carry from your past.

Old emotions are like a sore from the past that gets reinjured over and over in your day to day life. Until you clear that sore and heal it completly you allow your past to affect your daily experiences and your future.

Complete with your emotions from the past in order to stay current with your emotions and stay connected to love. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy technique that releases pain from the past to keep you focused on love. This technique has you concentrate on what you are feeling and give it a scale ie 0-10. If you are feeling angry or hurt you rate how angry or hurt you are feeling and give it a number. Then you repeat positive phrases and tap on points connected to the energy meridians in your body. For more indepth explanation follow this link and view a video.

Once you have completed with old emotions it becomes easier to stay connected to your mate and focus on love.

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