Mar 15, 2011

You have a choice...Expect the Worst or Hope for the Best!

Are you spending your energy on fear and worry and expecting the worst? You can choose to hope for the best. What is the worst that can happen from allowing yourself to focus on hoping for the best?

Do you have the habit of fearing and worrying? Have you convinced yourself that you need fear and worry to feel safe. Are you ready to let fear and worry go?

A smile lifts your mood and vibrations. One of the gifts that you can give yourself and others is to learn the habit of smiling. Life is stressful right now. Tough economy, high gas prices, and world disasters. The mind doesn't know the difference in an imagined threat and a real threat. When you fear and worry your create hormones that stress your body/mind. You have a choice; you can choose to keep smiling and the world will smile with you. Three tips to stop the fear and worry habit.

1. When you notice the old fear and worry habit creep into your thoughts and emotions, stop and breathe. Hit the delete button and take that habit to the trash bin.

2. Next see a beautiful rose in your mind. Create a rose of any color that appeals to you. Bow your head and let that symbolize coming into your heart. Breathe the fear and worry and all the chemicals and hormones created by the emotions of fear and worry move from your body into the beautiful rose.

3. Now see and feel your guardian angel around you. Feel a beautiful waterfall of light washing through your mind and nervous system washing away all the fear and worry chemicals and hormones. Notice the rest of your day going more smoothly as you allow inner peace and the chemicals of inner peace to permeate your cells.

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