Apr 2, 2008

A New Earth, Faith, Oprah and Eckhart

Do you have faith in a higher power? What is faith?Faith is synonymous with trust in a higher power. Faith is not denominational or related to a religious dogma. Faith is demonstrated in everyday life and by your actions or lack of actions. When one has faith we don’t spend our time in fear and worry. We spend our energy in prayer, and performing actions that support our earth, our brothers, and sisters (which reaches beyond your family and blood line), and our purpose for being here. As in the new webinar with Eckhart and Oprah, we do have a purpose for being alive that is above and beyond survival. My purpose in this life is to live my life each day in faith by monitoring my thoughts and directing them toward the highest good of all.

Faith means listening to our inner guidance and following that guidance. Sometimes we can get caught up in religious dogma and miss out on developing a real connection with our higher power. Doing what we need to do individually to develop a deeper connection to our higher power is one of our individual purposes for being alive. Developing faith is like any other personal development takes time and discipline. However it is worth the effort, rather than getting caught up in the drama of life and spending all your energy just surviving. Following your individual faith is a wonderful feeling and is a blessing to yourself and to your friends and family.

Faith is a wonderful feeling that we are safe and our lives are unfolding in the most positive way. What does faith mean to you?