Apr 30, 2015

#Retreat and #Release Toxic Habits and Emotions

#Retreat to release emotional pain and trauma. Most people have had trauma in their life as a child and sometimes remember and often don't remember but seem to experience patterns of trauma and emotional pain. How do you release these patterns from your life? EFT and Hypnotherapy are effective tools to release emotional pain and trauma. What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective software for releasing emotional pain and patterns.

Emotions are the end product of past event or experiences. When you change your emotions then you can change your experiences. Transformation happens quickly when
we release the addiction to the chemicals that emotions create.

At the core of every symptom there is an emotion that causes our body to react in that way. Body speaks the mind. Neuropeptides secret the chemicals of the emotions that you are experiencing outside inside your body, blood, and cells. The chemicals released by anger, stress, worry and fear flood our body with toxic stress chemicals that block our body's natural ability to create endorphins of happiness and peace.

Meditation is a great place to change the emotions and create new chemical reactions in your body.
Health, healing, happiness, and spiritual growth are the focus for our retreats. Your journey starts with wanting to get healthy. Suffering from high blood pressure? Insomnia? Overweight? The journey to health begins with the desire and commitment to change bad habits that have created dis-Ease with healthy habits.

1. What is Dis-Ease? Dis-Ease shows up as headaches, tight shoulders and neck, low back pain, and can become chronic and create serious dis-ease symptoms. The more serious dis-ease shows up as auto-immune dis-ease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart attack or heart dis-ease. Another very common dis-ease is depression which comes from stuffing frustration and anger.

2. Ways to release dis-ease? EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is performed by tapping on energy meridians that traverse the body. The tapping acts to move and rid the body of uncompleted emotional energy that become major contributors to dis-ease.

3. What symptoms can you use EFT to release? EFT has been used to release blocked emotional energy and symptoms associated with low back pain, headaches, and even more chronic dis-ease. It can be learned and applied for self treatment or you can receive a treatment from a practitioner. Both can be equally effective. EFT can also be applied to rid the mind of subconscious patterns and belief systems that create habits and addictions.

4. How often do you need to apply EFT to be effective? This will vary. Sometimes you will get immediate relief of symptoms. Other times you will remove one layer and then need to apply again within the same day or the next day and remove a deeper layer of emotions to go deeper to the core issue.

5. EFT has been used to quit smoking, release weight, stop sugar cravings and most cravings and urges, including serious addictions. It can be a key to unlock the hidden emotions that cause chronic depression and other nervous disorders including anxiety and panic attacks. It has been called the emotional energy cleanser and also the "miracle worker".

The most wonderful news is that you can learn this amazing self-help tool and apply it daily to release stress and bring your body back to health no matter what your symptoms.

Want to find out more information about EFT? My book Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love shares stories at the end of each chapter and includes EFT techniques to empower you to release your self-sabotaging habits. Sunday May 31 I will be presenting a Free workshop at the Illuminate Film Festival on EFT and Emotional Trauma, Forgiveness and PTSD. Love's Secret will be offered at a discount.

Our Sedona retreats include EFT, Reiki, and other powerful healing tools to get to the root of dis-ease. Let us design a retreat especially for you designed to fit your needs and budget.