Aug 10, 2012

Retreat to Engage Your Heart

Did you know your heart produces a hormone that counter-acts the effects of stress? Most of our guests come seeking tools to relieve stress and find inner peace.

Many of our guests closed their heart as a child to armor against hurt and pain. A Sedona Retreat is a great way to learn tools to open your heart to love.

Jul 25, 2012

Retreat and Enjoy Garden Bounty Recipe

Quinoa Garden Tabbouleh Salad

I grew up on 150 acres in Tn. Summertime brings back lots of memories of the truck patches that we farmed, and all the fresh produce that we ate during summer. Tabbouleh is traditionally made with wheat but my new favorite version is Quinoa. Quinoa (pronounced keen wah) has all the amino acids and is a complete protein. It is very filling and gives you lots of energy. The plants on top are basil and purslane. Purslane is a weed that grows in my garden and is a vegetable source for omega fatty acids. So try my Tabbouleh Garden salad and let me know how you like it.

2 medium size fresh tomatoes
1 medium size cucumber
2-3 sprigs of fresh basil
2 sprigs of fresh mint
2-3 cups of cooked Quinoa
2-3 tbsps organic apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp celtic sea salt
2 large leaves of Chard cut fine
2 large leaves of Kale cut fine
2 tbsp organic olive oil
Handful of pine nuts

Mix this all together and add salt or vinegar to taste. Anyone care to guess what the flowers are? Enjoy and leave me a comment with your favorite garden recipe.

Tomorrow's post will have a wonderful video about the heart. During our retreats we focus on empowering our guests to reconnect to their heart and find inner peace. New research suggest that the heart is not only a organ that pumps blood tune in to see what else the heart does to support your health.

Jul 21, 2012

Turn on Your Inner Healer with a Healing Retreat

A Sedona Retreat will empower you with tools for inner peace. Are you looking for ways to stay healthy this summer, fall, and winter? Follow these tips to boost your immune system and say no to colds and flu.

1. Spend time in the sun each day without sun screen, and without sun shades. This boost your ability to absorb vitamin D. Spend 15-20 minutes early in the day before 10 am.

2. Spend fifteen minutes each day either in prayer or meditation. During this quiet time hold gratitude for the things that you have in your life.

3. Drink at least eight glasses of water. Bless your water before drinking it and ask it to cleanse the toxins from your system. Visualize your community of cells full of love and smile an inner smile; fill your cells full of sunshine from the inside out.

4. Buy a netti pot and wash your sinus each day before you retire.

5. A Sedona Retreat like the one Terry(testimonial below) attended will help you release your stress and learn new ways to connect with inner peace.

Follow these simple daily rituals to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Retreat and Heal offers retreats year round that empower guests to find inner peace and clear away their emotional baggage.

Retreat testimonial:

Jul 19, 2012

Retreat to Create a Safe Haven

Is your relationship a safe haven or toxic dump? Couples enter a relationship with high expectations for years of passionate love and sex. At the same time both partners come with a large bag of emotional baggage from their childhood and past relationships. Retreat and Heal offers tools to clear your baggage and reconnect to love.

Next time you find yourself choosing old habits like shutting down and pushing your partner away; take a deep breath and choose to respond with love. In the moment you may feel that you will literally die if you face your fears and keep your heart open. Trust yourself to face the fear and watch it dissolve. Each and every time you allow yourself to face the fear it dissolves the habit of shutting down, and it loses it's control over you. You also build a new habit to keep your heart open to and share love.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats to connect you deeply to self love and empowers you with tools to express this love through relationships. Our retreats are now booked through the end of August the first dates available for retreat are Sept 2. Contact us now to book your fall visit to Sedona and Retreat and Heal.

Apr 13, 2012

Retreat to Spin Your Web and Capture Your Dreams

Sedona Retreats empower you to spin your web and capture opportunities to live your dreams. Spiders spin webs strategically to catch their meals for nourishment. Our thoughts and words spin webs that attract opportunities to create our dreams. Are you spinning the web you want to attract your dreams?

Affirmations for attracting your dreams.

1. Today I attract the perfect opportunities to manifest my dreams easily and gracefully.

2. I am always at the right place and always at the perfect time to support my goals and dreams.

3. My goals and dreams are unfolding in perfect timing. It is easy for me to make time to visualize my goals and dreams manifested in my life.

4. All people, places, and opportunities in my life support my dreams both intentionally and naturally without knowledge.

5. I am always guided to my goals and dreams naturally. I trust my goals and dreams to manifest in my life now.

Retreat and Heal offers year round retreats for personal healing, couples retreats and day retreats. Are you ready to take your life, career, and relationships to the next level? With our years of experience, retreat experts, and empowerment tools we are your complete retreat destination.

Mar 23, 2012

Retreat to Sedona to Renew Your Love

Sedona is a beautiful place in springtime to renew your love. If your love life could use a spruce up follow these love tips to add some spice.

1. Find out what your mate's language is and what helps them feel loved. For example do they feel loved when they hear "I love you," auditory. Do they feel loved when they receive flowers or a card, visual. Or maybe they need a touch or hug in order to feel loved, kinesthetic. It becomes easier when you learn to speak the language that your mate can hear or feel.

2. EFT or Emotional Freedom empower you with the tools to heal your past hurt and trauma and stop your recurring fighting patterns. First realize, that each of you are reacting from past hurt and trauma, and never from what is or has happened in the present moment. Until you heal the old stuck hurt and trauma, it will continue to be brought to the surface to be healed and released.

3. Agree on a word that can be used by both partners as a signal to stop the fight. Make an agreement to honor each other and your love by stopping the argument when the word is said by either partner. This word must have meaning for both of you. Words used by previous couples include: love, partnership, agreement, commitment, healing, what is important, the past, freedom, I choose love. You can also decide on a symbol of love and unity ie: a Dove, heart, a pink bubble of light. When you feel yourself stuck in reaction say the word and hold the symbol in your mind and breath.

4. If you become so triggered that you can't keep yourself from reacting; you are hitting a core survival issue. When this occurs you might need help to get unstuck. Find someone who has experience working with couples and EFT and give them a call to either work in person, or over the phone.

Our Sedona Retreats offer tools for healing your core issues with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. I also work with clients throughout the world by phone and have great results with couples issues, core issues, stop smoking and weight loss. If you are feeling stuck and want to reconnect to the love you once felt in your relationship give me a call. Spring is a great time to retreat and heal your relationship and reconnect to love.